Sunday, July 27, 2014

I had a birthday

And I have pictures to prove it!  My sister got me a Rainbow blast cake and Avengers cupcakes!  I got to spend time with family, which was my favorite part!  On Thursday, I had 2 more interviews, one on Skype and one down by Wichita, so we got to roadtrip again.  We had to skip the big family reunion that we were looking forward to doing!  But, I need to get a job!  The two interviews last week turned me down.  I have another one via Skype tomorrow.  They're all by Wichita.  Salina emailed me, but I haven't heard anything from them.  I know the right job will come up and they'll want me, but it's a tiny bit disheartening in the meantime.  Saturday was my crazy hard working to finish presents for my nieces and nephew that moved to Louisiana, before they left.  I made my niece a blanket, my other niece got a birthday bow that I had made in bulk for my last niece's birthday, and my nephew got a car mat.  I was scrambling to get them done in between feeding my baby boy!  It was sad to see them go, but I know that the move will be good for them, because my brother will be paid so much better!  And he'll be home!  This week we've also been working on the dresses for the girls for my sister's wedding.  Fun times!  We just need to get the zippers in and we're done!  Woohoo!  Then I can finally work on the cloth diapers!  Sewing, sewing, I love sewing.  When I'm not reading and reviewing that is...

 My birthday cake and my ice cream with root beer topping. Yum!
 Ben's masterpiece
 Josh had to sit with me.  He's such a snuggler!

 He's Popeye the Sailor man...
 In his little flip flops for his first trip to the pool
 My niece
 My sister and our niece
 Another niece

 My nephew
 The three of them with their birthday cakes
 My littlest niece dove right in!

And all dressed up for church!  Can you believe he's 2 months old already!

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