Sunday, May 3, 2015

Divide and Conquer, but together again!

I had my two interviews this week.  I thought they went well, but I won't know for sure until I get a phone call.  Samuel is absolutely a walker now!  My half day on Monday he started taking more steps and by Tuesday he was taking 12 steps at a time!  Even if the interviews don't work out, I got to be here as my baby started walking!  Then I did my Sams' photo shoots (my sister's maternity session and my baby's turning 1 preshoot).
Then I had family come in on Wednesday!  We haven't seen them since Spring Break last year!  Super exciting visiting with them on Thursday!
Then on Friday was Leah's Zoo field trip, Kira's graduation from DARE (she won the essay contest in her class), a Teacher get together, then Science Night where we got to see how awesome Ben's bottle rocket was!  We went home after that, since it was a long day!
Saturday we all went to the Temple Run!  Kira and I ran the 5K.  Kira ran in about 34 minutes and I did it in about 47 and a half minutes!  Considering how long we've been training, we did awesome and will do even better by the end of the summer!  Emma and Leah did the fun runs.  They did great too!  The other kids either refused to run or missed their run.  Bummer!
After that we drove to my parents' house where Scott dropped off Cecilia, Samuel and I.  He took everyone else to his sister's house for a wedding open house for his cousin.  We went through my parents' garage (well, phase 1), and went to my sister's baby shower.  Great times, but I'm super glad we didn't do both!
Today was church and family pictures!  My family came up here to do pictures!  Awesomeness!  They need editing, but here are some of my favorites!

 High-fiving his teacher/interim principal

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