Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kira's first Daddy Daughter Date

Samuel is up to 4 teeth, and I'm pretty sure that he'll have at least two more in the next couple weeks.  He stood by himself for at least twenty seconds today!  I was getting dinner ready when Kira yelled for me to look and there he was, standing all by himself!  So grown up!  He's nine months old today!
 I love the slow mornings when we can play in bed!
Look how tall he is!
Josh loves his little brother!  Sometimes too much!  If Samuel cries, Josh is on it.  I can't let Samuel cry it out, because Josh will get into his crib with him and play with him.  I think it's sweet though!

See?  So sweet!  I didn't even ask for them to do this!

Cecilia is having a rough time being 4.  She wants everything she wants now.  There's no talking her out if it and plenty of crying if she doesn't get exactly what she wants.  It's hard when you're not able to be spoiled rotten.

Leah is learning a lot at school and getting better at sight words!  I love when she's reading scriptures at night and learns random big words!  It's awesome!

Emma is still doing great at school!  She loves it!  She's also incredibly nosy, but that helps her learn that much faster!

Kira had to miss Friday due to being sick.  But, felt much better by Saturday and had lots of fun at the Daddy Daughter Activity.  First they had pasta for dinner and sit with name cards.  They played a jacket relay using a military jacket.  They were the yellow team.  After that they played Button, button who's got the button.  They won a candy bouquet for guessing on the first try.  (As did all the dads)  The Dads did their daughter's hair next.  Pretty funny results!  They danced at the end.  They got prizes and came home.  Kira said her dad's a professional and she is not.  I'm hoping to add pictures of the actual event (I wasn't there).
Before Kira's first date
 The front of her hair
 And the back
 They're still pretty happy together.

Ben was sick on Thursday, and told me his stomach hurt and he had no energy,  That's pretty crazy, so I had him stay home.  Apparently he was fine by afternoon, so Scott took him shopping for camping gear.  They got the things that Ben needed for his very first overnight campout.  Ben was fine on Friday, so he was ready to go camping.  Scott went with him in order to help him out.  The real campout was cancelled, due to freezing rain, but they were able to camp out in cabins on base instead.  So much better!  Ben had nightmares and Scott got the prize for his constant snoring, but all was well!  I was so relieved!  If there were any pictures, I would post them.  

And my kids were being super cute, so I took more pictures!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love was in the air...

Ben went on the 6th grade field trip snowtubing.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried.  I'm working harder this week on giving my older kids a little more room.  So Ben got to go on a field trip with no parents and his para kept me up to date and sent me videos (I love her)!  I let Kira walk down to a friend's house so her friend could get her flute and the girls could practice together (back at the school, I'm not letting go that much)!  Yesterday I let Kira go into two stores by herself (I had a whole bunch of sleeping kids in the car)!  She was so excited!  She's already looking forward to driving.  Gasp!  I'm a helicopter parent, but I'm trying!
The kids had a fabulous Valentine's Day!  They got a sweethearts box from me (my dad's tradition lives on) and they got a ton from my generous family!  Each got a stuffy with their initial button sewn on a foot, candy and valentines.  My Dad got me an owl necklace!  I love it!  He wanted to do something big, in case this was his last Valentine's Day.  I'll probably wear it every day!  Other than my original wedding ring (which is long gone), it's probably the nicest piece of jewelry I'll own!
My family watched my kiddos (plus they got to play with cousins) while Scott, Samuel and I went out.  I took him to the pet store he's been dying to see and then Harbor Freight and the Temple.  Great times!
My kiddos also got a gecko for Valentine's Day!  They're pretty excited!
I did my kids' Valentine pictures today, since I had put it off.  Enjoy!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ben's First Roadshow

We had a snow day on Monday, so we had the coveted three-day weekend.  Aahhh!!!  I got so much done, it was amazing!  The girls' room was rearranged and looks great!  Ben still loves his new bed!  I got a lot of laundry done, as well as dishes!  Good times!  Wednesday we got more snow, so we had to travel slowly, but made it safely back!  Then Friday on was a beautiful weekend!  The kiddos played on the playground as I worked after school.  I've got a lot of work to do to make sure my students learn all they need to learn before the middle of March!  The more work I do, the better they'll do, right?  I felt bad for my kids being at school after dark, but they'll see how much I value education, which is good!
We got to spend time with my family.  My dad's talking better, but otherwise not so much.  He starts the clinical trial on Wednesday, and we're all praying for him!
I had the opportunity to go with Ben for his first roadshow.  He was a singing tree in a mix of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Wizard of Oz and assorted other main characters from other shows.  I though he did pretty great as a tree!  Afterward we got some yummy food together to finish off our mom-son time!  It was awesome!  He's such a fun kid!  He was discussing things with me that usually he talks to his dad about.  I feel very blessed that my kids are willing to talk to me!
 Ben and his potato with tuna, alfredo and bacon bits.  
 He is a great eater!
 He can only reach on the one side.
 Leah's 100 Day cape, 100 paint dots making a butterfly.
 Ben's tree "costume"
 He's in the middle in the back
 The Youth in our ward
 My beautiful Emma in her Picture Day outfit after church.  I think she looks like a Sister Missionary!
 Kira in her picture day outfit, she's beautiful too!
 Kira had 3 hearts in her hair
He enjoyed the chili mac with his whole face!  Josh had me take a picture!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

He lives!

Life continues as per usual!  It has been awesome for me to go to the Temple and feel of the Peace that Heavenly Father and Jesus can give if we let them.  I've discovered that when I go to the Temple, I hustle up the stairs and quickly get changed into my whites, because I'm so excited to take "the world" off and prepare for a heavenly experience.  It's never failed!  I always come out feeling so much better and reminded of the eternal perspective.  Little things that could easily bother me aren't as difficult to handle. There is so much bad in this world, but as long as we can get a break from it, we'll be okay.
I've been attending meetings at least once a week, sometimes twice, in order to better receive healing through Christ.  As I do so, I know that He lives!  He will run to us when we let Him!  We don't have to do anything but ask.  He wants us to come back to Him!  I've been working on a sketch (that may turn into a painting at some point) of Jesus reading the scriptures to my children.  I had my brother-in-law and my husband stand in for Jesus with my kiddos.  Now I need to get started on the sketch.  I began working on this as an entry to the Church's Art Competition: "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus," although mine will be called: "Tell me your stories."  I only have a month, so I'm not expecting awesome.  I'll be lucky if I finish the sketch before the due date.  But, I'm giving myself the rest of the year to make it into a full-size painting to give to my family for Christmas.  We'll see how the time table goes.  I'm really not that great at people.  I'm hoping that lots of work will get me better.
Kira was super excited to go to her friend's birthday party.  I can't believe she's turning 11 soon!  My kids are growing up so fast!  I really do love my children!  They are all amazing in their own way!
We got some great deals this week!  I found two $10 coupons to Dillon's, so I got a ton of stuff for $3!  That was pretty exciting!  Then when we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart, we were able to get my son a bed frame that has bookshelves, and drawers, and storage underneath!  Awesomeness!
 The other day at my parents' house!
 Ben's "stained glass window"
 Kira's painting
 Doing gonoodle almost every night!
 One of the picture examples for my sketch
 Kira's hair
 Cecilia's hair
 Emma's hair
 Leah's hair
 I love to see the Temple!
 My $3 went far!
 Ben's new bed!
My baby fell asleep!