Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So, man! When the rain falls, it pours! The good news is that we have umbrellas! I went to do service with my sister at the Bishop Storehouse yesterday. We were taking the loose skins off of onions. I'm not sure why that's important, but it's what we were asked to do. My sister started feeling faint, so she dropped to her knees, but refused to put her head between her knees. She stood up, because crouching wasn't helping. Imagine! So, she walked away and said she'd be back. About a minute or so later, one of the Sisters runs in to tell me that my sister passed out! So, I go running to the front, and she looks PALE! She had jerked a few times and almost fallen off her chair. Luckily one of the sisters had seen her and caught her! Poor Kim woke up to several older ladies surrounding her. Then she felt like she had to throw up and I didn't know where the trashcan was, so she ended up throwing up on the floor. She was so embarassed! She kept apologizing and telling us how embarassed she was. They called 911 and the Paramedics showed up a while later. They couldn't find her pulse, though she was awake and talking. So, Kim refused the ambulance and I got to drive my little sister to the nearest hospital after she got a blessing. One of the good things about passing out in a church facility! Of course, my parents and Sam came, bringing Leah, so she wouldn't starve while I was gone! We were in North KC, so not very close to home. Kim went through a ton of tests and everything came back normal, so the Doctor called it a "simple faint." And some other medical stuff. It sounds like she has hypertension. We were there for about 3 hours! Needless to say, we were starving, so my parents kindly bought dinner at Burger King. Yay! Leah did pretty good! Kim was feeling much better by the time we left. They had given her nausea medication and that really perked her up!
Now, today I had to wake up earlier than I'd like the last week of summer vacation. I fed Leah really well and went to the Bus Driver Huge Safety Meeting. I was so proud of myself for not eating any doughnuts! I'm trying to lose weight and I haven't been able to walk yesterday or today! Anyway, the big boss informed us that we could only bring 2 kids on the bus with us and absolutely no babies under 1! Talk about stress! Since I have 4 kids and an unemployed student husband. Luckily, my mom called and said she'd help out! Phew! One load off. So, Leah was happy to see me when I got back and went to sleep soon after. I went out to do errands. I bought CHEAP school supplies at Office Max. What great deals! I got 3 Sharpies, 2 ten packs of pencils, 6 folders, and 3 packs of filler paper for 64 cents! Awesome! I went to Walgreens to drop off Ben's prescription and then to the library to kill time until I could pick it up. It didn't take long, so I read in the parking lot, to find out that I wasted my time! Our insurance wasn't renewed for this month! Say what? I sent everything in last month, at the beginning of the month! GGRRRR!!! So, my son is now out of his Narcotic ADHD meds and goes CRAZY when he doesn't have it everyday! I called two numbers and waited on hold for at least 30 minutes (together, not each call) to find that they are in the first stages of processing our insurance. The first stages!!! So, now I have to call back tomorrow and the next day in the hopes of hurrying it through. And my son will be without medication until then, since it costs $192! But, we're able to pay our rent! And we have money for food. And we're healthy and the house is considerably cleaner with my new system. The new system is that my children have to clean in order to earn time to watch tv! It's great! In order for them to watch a movie, they have to do a lot of chores! It takes some of the load off of me, which is fantastic! I'm trying hard to roll with the punches and have "Joy in my journey." Right now I'm a little motion sick from all the twists and turns on my journey. But, life goes on!