Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Once again, catch up

So, my husband is now the big 3-0! 
And Emma is 2! 
she loves her present!Fam in front of sunsetthe sunset
Her party was at Chuck E Cheese's!  She's exerting her independence and fickleness at the same time.  She wants to choose, but keeps changing her mind!  Then, yesterday she took off outside while we were distracted (I had just gotten home and was feeding Leah).  Ben saw it, but she hadn't asked for permission, so he didn't say anything!  That kid!  Luckily, a neighbor came over and asked if the kids could play and Scott and Kira went out.  Kira spotted Emma, and they went to get her.  She wasn't very close to home at all.  I was so scared!  There's no way I can be constantly watching the door! 
Ben is doing very well with his reading.  His teacher has moved him up 5 reading levels, this week!  He finishes his reading homework in about 5 minutes, while we wait for the other kiddo to get on the bus!  Now if I could get him in the least bit interested in math and numbers!  I love numbers, so it's hard for me to understand! 
Kira got her hair chopped for Locks of Love, so now I can send in her hair, mine, and my sisters'.  Hopefully it'll be enough to make a wig, although Kim's hair is nowhere near our color!  She was pretty excited about it!  She also attended her very first friend birthday party.  I made Hannah Montana bows for the girls that match!  I thought they turned out well. 

Leah is scooting around on her back, like a crabwalk sort of thing.  She can sit up better everyday!  She sure is a cute and happy baby!

I painted a mural in my sister's room.  I had a little help from Scott (I told him what to do).
I'm needing to lose weight like crazy, but having a hard time staying motivated!  I worked out 4 days last week and then this week, I've slacked off!  Gggrr!  The good news is that I'm not pregnant, so I can keep trying!  And we bought a double stroller so I can take the girls walking with me!  I also need to do some more organizing.  Emma's moved up a size (well, technically, she's in between sizes), so I have to go through everything.  Plus I need to sort out the summer stuff, and move to the Fall/Winter stuff.  Yeesh!
Scott's getting a pretty good handle on school and does his first observation tomorrow!  I can't wait to hear about it!

And then, this weekend we're going to St. Louis, now those will be some nice pictures!  I can't wait!