Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tristi Pinkston's upcoming book!

Author Tristi Pinkston is excited to announce the release of the third novel in her Secret Sisters Mysteries series.

Titled Hang ‘em High, this novel takes place on a dude ranch in Montana. When Ida Mae’s son invites her to come for a visit, of course she brings Arlette and Tansy along with her. They are expecting to spend the week looking at horses, avoiding the cows, and making amends in Ida Mae’s relationship with her son. What they don’t expect is to be stuck on the ranch in the middle of a blizzard and to be thrust headlong into the middle of a mystery.

Help Tristi celebrate her new novel in two ways. First, come participate in the two-week-long blog contest, where you can win a book nearly every single day! All the details are up on Tristi’s blog.

Second, come to the book launch!

You are invited to an

August Authorama!

Saturday, August 13th

Pioneer Book, 858 S. State, Orem

12 – 4 pm

Games, prizes, balloons, face painting,

and Dutch oven cobbler

prepared by world champion cook

Keith Fisher.

Authors Tristi Pinkston, J. Lloyd Morgan, Cindy Hogan,

Nichole Giles, and Heather Justesen

will all be there to sign books.

This is one book launch event

you will not want to miss!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One more day in my 20s

Tomorrow starts my first day in the 30s.  I've been "living it up" this month to end my 20s strong!  In all reality I've accomplished a lot in my 20s!  For instance,
I found my very own Mr. Right.

I got married.
I've had 5 kids

and gone to three colleges (BYU, JCCC, and now ESU).  (I will be graduating in my 30s, obviously.)
I have moved nine times.
I learned how to take pictures professionally at Target.  I got my CDL and drove a school bus for two years.  I have started to try and help our neighborhood park and we've raised $1000 so far!  I learned how to make awesome stuff and am now working on my very own logo and website.  I originally wanted to do a From the Heart thing, then changed it to The Creative Side of Things and now I'm liking "My Five Little Turkeys."  What do you think? 
I've gained a ton of weight plus 40 pounds, and lost a ton of weight.  (I still need to lose 40 pounds, if only ice cream wasn't so yummy and Braum's so close!) 
I've started biking regularly (everywhere but the other side of town).
I review for another blog (see sidebar button) and review books here.  I LOVE getting free things and letting others know what I think, so they save their time! 
So, yeah, a lot for a ten year span and I am proud!  Tired, but proud!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Review: All that was Promised by Vickie Hall

In All that was Promised by Vickie Hall, we get to read a different kind of LDS novel, one that puts you into the early Welsh Saints' shoes!  There is romance, mystery, some history, and more!

From Vickie Hall's website
In 1847 Wales Methodist Minister Richard Kenyon converts to Mormonism. Richard’s newfound faith is put to the test when he faces the anger of his former congregation, his wife’s indecisiveness, his brother’s betrayal, and the murderous intentions of misinformed villagers.
In her blog she tells some of the background information for her book:
My Welsh great-great grandparents, James and Ann Ellis, wrote in their journals of a love spoon carved by James and given to Ann prior to their marriage. Their journals became a great resource to me in writing All That Was Promised and provided me with a real sense of life in 19th century Wales.
She also has recipes here!

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed reading this book, it was very well-written and gave me a feeling of what their life had been like!  It was amazing reading of the conversion of the once prostitute!  It was sad to think of how many people were disinherited from their family due to joining the church.  I liked hearing the places people were from!  My father-in-law served his mission in Cardiff, Pontypridd and another place that was mentioned.  Since he is now gone from this world and can't read this book (which I'm sure he would have loved), I thought I'd add a picture of him on his mission!
I can't remember what area this is, but he served in Wales!  Back to the book.  I would have loved to find out what happened to the characters.  Is there going to be another book that has the Saints crossing the ocean and making it to Utah?  How much of this book is based on fact?  I would love to read some of the journal entries that she used to write this book, because you really feel like you are in the story and one of the Saints that is being bullied for greed.  Those poor Saints!  A great read for everyone, but especially those who know what it's like to be a new convert and those who don't, so you can better sympathize!

Buy it!
You can buy it here on Amazon for $11.99 for the real copy and $9.99 for the Kindle version! 

*These are my opinions.  I was sent a book in order to facilitate my review, but not paid for my thoughts!*

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mad craziness and Peace

Last week we dropped Scott off up north for the week and came home to fireworks. He worked for his mom and I started a new Summer class. A friend so kindly watched my children while I went to class for two days and then Kira was contagious, so that was an all-day horribleness. I really missed Scott! I got all teary talking to him on the phone. We don't do separation much, so it was a little sad. But, everyone was good by Friday afternoon, so we went back up north! We went swimming (Cecilia's first time), ate pizza, and spent time with family.
We were up super late, but got up in the morning to do what I've been wanting to do for awhile, a Kansas City Temple visit. I hadn't been since the Groundbreaking over a year ago! When all of the family was rocking our pink zebra stripes, we headed out! The kids were so excited when they saw the Temple! "The Temple, the Temple!" They wanted to go see it up close, so weren't too happy about all of the picture stops on the way! The Temple still has some work to be done, but I am super excited to have Temple pictures to remind my kids what our goal is! I want us to be able to go into the Temple for the Open House and help my children understand why Temples are so important! They are the best place to get married, and the only place to be sealed forever! Hurray for Temples! So, here are a few of my favorites. I didn't take the family ones, but did take all the rest! As Leah said, "Bye Temple, bye."

So, now we're back, back to the "rat race." Back to the craziness of a 16-week course condensed into 4 weeks. Back to a messy house that I can't seem to keep as clean as I would like. Back to regular life and the craziness that it is. But, I will be going back to the Temple and will once again forget time and be at peace!
While we were up there I got to play games with family! We played Settlers of Zarahemla (which I sorely lost) and Fruit Basket (like Hearts). I also got to hang out with Danyelle! She's so fun! She let me pick a place for dinner and we got to eat at Oklahoma Joe's! Yum! Then we went back to her house and played Settlers. She beat me, but barely! I had 11 points! Next time, Danyelle, next time!