Sunday, March 29, 2015

Getting polished

So our water heater is still out.  Lots of cold showers.  Scott and I worked super hard this morning and got it to stay on long enough to get everyone bathed and showered before it went back off.
The transmission is needing an overhaul, so at least $3,000.  And we had the opportunity to pay $64 for the news.
I was encouraged to resign from my position and a student teacher is going to be replacing me.  I cried for a couple of days, and then I got over it.  There are positions in Leavenworth, and I would love to be able to walk/bike to work again!  I loved that in Liberal!  I would really love a lower level teaching job, but I'm also willing to be a sub.
Something big is coming, and I don't know what.  Kira is convinced that I'm going to have twins, or triplets!  She's so funny!  I'm not pregnant, but we've had toys going off on their own and the radio station got changed out of nowhere, and usually when stuff like that happens, it makes us pray if we should be having another kiddo.  The answer is always yes.  We haven't prayed yet.
I did go to the Temple on Tuesday night after the bad news.  I desperately needed the peace and eternal perspective the Temple brings.  I wasn't completely okay, but I was able to get my mind off of things and go back to work the next day with renewed purpose.  I had prayed to see what I should be doing and He told me to: "Teach!"  Okay!
Thursday was Kira's Big Bullpup day, that I was the only family that came to.  It was also Leah's Cooperation Assemby!  It was also a girls' night out.  It had been a bad week for my mom and sister, so the four of us went out to Mi Ranchito and had appetizers and desserts.  The appetizers there are huge and their chips and salsa were fabulous!  Then we went to Target and I got a new pair of jeans (thanks Mom)!  Cute clothes, but so expensive!  Samuel and I stayed the night there, so I could go to my conference on Friday.  My family watched Samuel, and he loved all of the attention!  I loved the conference, it was all about math fact fluency!  So great!  I can't wait to add the new games!
Saturday was a big day too!  The kids had an Easter Egg Hunt in the morning.  Then I made the bows for Emma's friend's birthday party in the afternoon.  After that was a little break and then Kira and I went to the School Bingo Night.  We spent $14 ($9 was Kira's) and won four games, so we won a ton of stuff!  I volunteered for the first half and got to bring prizes down.  Pretty fun!  It went from 6:30 to 11:00!  A long night!
We missed Women's Conference, so Kira and I watched it after dinner today.  I love that we're working so hard on improving our families!
 At the Temple

 Kira's carefully considered Bullpup display

 With her two friends
 Leah's assembly
 Emma worked on these as I made sub plans and got everything ready!
 So happy at my parents' house
 Ready to hunt, it was cold out!
 His first Easter egg and hunt
 Josh was super picky and would open the egg before putting them in his bag.  Ben helped and just put some in his bag for him.

 It was a beautiful yard!
 Josh was rocking his Cars slippers.

 Playing after the birthday party pickup, while I was applying to 3 jobs!
 All the stuff Kira and I won from Bingo!
 My adorable little newsie
 Emma colored in the puzzle,  It's our family!
The kids loved feeding the cows yesterday!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Opposition in ALL things

He said there would be opposition in all things, and it wasn't a joke.  I have appreciated my spring break, because I got to spend more time with my kids and sleep in, but I got absolutely nothing done that I wanted to.  I sold a few things and cleaned a few rooms.  I didn't do any grading.  I didn't make Easter dresses or Ben's dragon blanket.  I didn't make the "You are so incredibly awesome" tea towels.  Just celebrated Leah's birthday and tried to clean.  We had no money until payday, so we couldn't do anything until Friday.  Thursday night the van we're making payments on wouldn't get to third gear on the way home.  So, it was super late and I was driving super slow.  But, made it home.  Then we brought it in to the shop to find that the transmission isn't doing well.  My sister watched all but Cecilia and Samuel overnight, which was awesome!  Samuel stayed up until two, because he's in pain.  Poor baby.  But, I got Kira's birthday present in the mail, so I was getting it set up.  She's going to be so excited!  Saturday was the makeup day for the entire Spring Break.  We picked up the kids and headed to Science City after a late breakfast/lunch.  Scott and Leah headed to the Bug Exhibit (Leah loves bugs) and we went to Science City.  They met up with us within an hour and a half.  Apparently Leah didn't like it and Scott said it was tiny.  We made it through though!  We got ice cream afterwords.  Then we got to spend some quality time with my family.  I picked up some fun straws in the hopes that it would help my dad drink and it worked!  He could drink before, but this makes it a little easier.  Anything to make his life a little better!  Yesterday our pilot light in our water heater went out, and it's not coming back on.  No one's throwing up today, so I'm a happy camper.  Boiling water for baths isn't fun, but we have heat!

Kira loves yarn!
Free popcorn

Throwing a fit
Scott still won, but he made Leah work hard!
She's six!

She's soon to be 11!