Sunday, May 7, 2017

Leah got baptized!

Last weekend, Leah took a big step forward and was baptized, right after her friend!  We had a nice lunch, the baptism, and then amazing cake!  Leah's friend's Grandma makes amazing cakes!  I was excited my mom and sisters could come, plus two of my nieces and my mother-in-law! Leah was scared, but felt confident when baptized and knew she had made the right choice!  She bore a very sweet testimony in church today!
 Her customized towel.  She picked the stitch.
 Bonnie does amazing cakes!
 Two happy campers!
 After she was baptized
 With her friend

 Two tired boys
 Three generations!  I LOVE this picture!
 Our family, since we didn't take a family picture.
 At the Park for FHE

 After his run-in with the heavy swing.

Begin agan

Well, it's been an incredibly long time!  I'm usually exhausted and I've been busy writing in my journal and living life.  Between teaching school, and after school and then doing the LIFE Program, I've been at school lots!  This weekend though was amazing, so I'm back!
We knew it was going to be crazy busy yesterday!  Scott had a meeting in Topeka, Kira had a choir and band competition.  She sang and played her flute.  While she was doing that, we were running at the Temple Run.  We were late getting there, so we got our shirts, registered and were off.  We passed lots of walkers and turned at the mile mark.  Leah found a butterfly, so we stopped and admired it.  We ran pretty well at the end and it was fun!  Kira's teacher sent me videos of her performances too!  Hurray for amazing teachers!  We met Daniel Sorenson (not sure on the spelling), a Kansas City Chief and got a picture and his autograph.  I saw a few longtime friends too!  Then we went to the Commemorative Air Force Open Hangar.  We had lunch, made gliders, and "flew" a little plane.  Then we went home!  Scott enjoyed his meeting and Kira did well in her competition!
 Today we kept up our new family tradition.  We made stained glass cookies and caramels.  We brought them to our neighbors.  It's so much fun!  We love our little town and neighbors!

 Before the update
 And after
 Working on cookies
Our first stained glass cookies

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Life continues

We're still loving our house, even if we're hardly here!  We love our puppy, who's getting huge!  We love our chicks that are almost full-size hens.  Kira and Ben successfully completed Cross Country, and Kira has already played in the first two basketball games of this year.  She started the first one and not the second.  She was glad not to start, so I will be glad with her!  Since last year was her first year, she's still working out the kinks and getting used to things.  She's getting much better, just needs some more practice!  Ben is pretty awesome at making dinner, usually pasta or rice.  The after-school program and LIFE take up a lot of time, but it helps pay the bills.  So. Many. Bills.  Now our "new" van's brakes just had to be replaced, so that's $215 gone.  But, it brakes better, which is essential!  Marco is getting used to his amazing doghouse that I helped make, for free!  I love building for free!  Our chicken coop was $120 and Scott figured out how to make it and got it done!  We've been helping with my mom's backyard patio projects most Saturdays too!  I can't wait until it is done!  It is going to be awesome!  Our kids are growing up so fast!
Ben wears the same size shoes as me, Kira is a smidge below.  Danny is 32 pounds!  Today is his 9-month birthday and he's already long been on the move!  He's been cruising for at least a month!  If he's distracted he'll stand for a second.  Samuel wore underwear to church and made it the first hour and a half.  Then he said he had to go potty as he pottied.  Poor little guy!  Josh was wearing Cecilia's pants today.  They fit, except for length.  Cecilia can read "The Zany Zoo."  I mean, recite, not read, although she can read at least 4 words!  Leah is rocking her new glasses and is feeling so much better about everything!  Emma is loving Enrichment.  Kira is having to work hard to get her Gifted work done along with band, choir, and Basketball.  She's got a lot going on and is so talented!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Big girls' room

Kira and Emma picked mountains, with a chevron wall.  They had a picture in mind, but kept changing things.  So, I went with it and the cheap mistints we got.  I didn't want to spend that much on paint!
 It was originally a huge pink wall, like the boys' room.  First we taped off the "chevron" and the sky.  We painted all the blue.  Then we added some white to the blue and as we were sponging it on, Kira made it tie-dyed and loved it.  Good times.  
 Kira did the pink, with Emma following behind with purple and I blended it.
 Looking craggy, right?
 The random dark lines for the mountains.

 Changing up the mistint more blue.

 Then we added brown and blue to make it darker.  And a dark brown mistint for the trees at the bottom.
 Kira adding the sun.
 Behind the big dresser.
 Next to Emma's bed.
And next to Kira's bed,