Sunday, December 13, 2009

Aahh, December!

The time of frigid cold, trying to think of good presents, sending out packages and Christmas cards, crying children who are afraid of Santa, and so on!  The glories of December... 
So far this month we've seen Santa and Father Christmas.  Emma refused to go anywhere near both!  Leah put up with Santa, but did not like Father Christmas!

Yes, it was very kind of Bass Pro Shops to cover Emma's face!  She was mad!

We also made wagons, decorated stockings, made Christmas tree cards (only a few will get one), and decorated our Christmas tree.

The kids like Bass Pro Shops!

We also ate at Applebee's, using a giftcard that I got for my birthday, and $8!  Not bad for feeding all 6 of us!

Kira was watching the football game.

She loves french fries.

I'm not sure why Emma's looking at me!

Scott, Leah and I pretended to be Joseph, Mary and Jesus for the Creche Exhibit.

That was fun!  Leah had a blast with so much attention!  I thought it was funny when someone asked us if we were a real dad, mom and baby.  Like the Stake can afford actors!
She even teethed on the manger a little!

This is Ben getting ready to be a Rock'n Reindeer!

He's on the far right!

Gotta love the Christmas season!  All I have to do now is 2 Winter parties at school, presents for teachers, finish presents for in-laws, 2 Family Christmases, maybe 4, and go to Louisiana!  Phew!