Sunday, January 10, 2016

First week back this year

This week was crazy!  I thought that only having a week and a half off would make it so that the students were able to get back into the groove pretty fast.  Nope.  And my kiddos at home were just as bad!
Monday was a basketball game that Kira wasn't playing in, but I had to go anyway!  They didn't win, and there were a ton of fouls!  Blech!
Tuesday Kira had to play in the Pep Band for the High School Basketball game.  So, we were out late again!
Wednesday was church night, so three of my kids went to that.  I started working on basketball bows, although one of my students said her mom had ordered cool bows for the cheerleaders!  Nice!
Thursday was Kira's last time playing basketball this season!  They won and she even got the ball at one point and went a few steps (dribbling) before she tripped!  I'm still super proud!  Her coach yelled good job at her twice too!  She's not good enough to be on the League team, but I'm incredibly proud of how far she's come in a few months!  Our whole family was there to see the awesomeness!
Friday was my Missionary night.  We fed the Sister Missionaries (we love them!) and then I went out with them, but the family wasn't there. :(  So, I went back home and Scott and I went on our date night.  We had ice cream at Braum's and then picked up groceries.  Super fun!
Saturday we slept in, because we were all exhausted from the late nights this week!  We headed to my family's house at lunch time.  It was great seeing my family and my Mamaw and Aunt Becky!  Mamaw loves me, because she had already made my favorite food she makes-some kind of Mexican casserole!  Yum!  My kids loved their painted village buildings that she did too!
Today was church!  Leah gave a talk about feasting on the words of Christ, Samuel wasn't happy at all to be left in Nursery, and Scott and I gave a lesson on prayer.  Great times!  We came home, had lunch and I took a LONG nap!  Just what I needed!  Our kids are great, and oh-so-loud!
Now for the pictures!
 Kira with a group of guy friends
 On our date
 Taking a nap together, so sweet!
 So cold outside that we have ice inside on the windows!
Samuel was very into seeing the syrup come down on his waffle!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year's and Cecilia's Birthday

We spent time with my family until Wednesday when we went home to get things done there!
Thursday was New Year's Eve, and while Kira was at basketball practice, I was able to take family pictures of a friend's extended family.  Super fun!  The timing was pretty perfect!
Friday was New Year's, so we had LOTS of black-eyed peas and sausage (lunch and supper, and my kids loved it both times)!  Then Scott and I had our weekly date night, and went to Wal-mart (one of the few places still open).
Saturday was super exciting, because my brother and niece were coming in from Idaho!  So, we got up early and headed to my parents' house!  The kids had a blast with my Idahoan niece, along with their usual cousins!  I enjoyed spending time with all of my siblings (it hardly ever happens) plus my Dad did really well too!  He hardly coughed, and he was using his communicator (although I did make him a huge chart), so we were able to find out that his photobooth pictures looked the way they did, because his friend was punching him outside.  Cecilia had a great family birthday party!  She received amazing presents that she LOVES, plus her cake was perfect for her (my Mom is amazing at picking the perfect cake) and she got Arby's for dinner!
Today was church and Cecilia's actual birthday!  She managed to find her presents as I was brushing my teeth, so no picture.  She got a pair of black boots with bows on them (Old Navy clearance), a chapstick, a bag of birthday cake flavored gumballs, and a birthday bow.  I felt bad, because I had no icing and nothing to make icing (oops), so she had cake today without icing, but they were huge slices!  We put a strawberry and cherry chip cake mix together, so it was pretty yummy!  She picked spaghetti for dinner, which was easy too!  Such a sweetheart!
Back to church-today was Josh's first day in Primary!  He was sad that he wasn't going to Nursery, and was hoping his Aunt Mandy would come to take him to Nursery (that was last week).  It helped that he was able to sit by Poppy, one of his favorite friends from Nursery!  They sang and welcomed them to Primary.  So cute!  Scott and I taught about the Holy Ghost in our class.
Tomorrow we go back to school, and this week Scott will be starting his job!  He's pretty excited for the opportunity to work while I'm home!  I'm thrilled that he'll get a break from the house and will feel better about providing for our family!  It's a two-for-one!
 They were rewarded for their hard work, but getting to go to the Library!
 Josh loves to vacuum!
 Ben sharing about his awesome creatures with his happy-to-be-captive audience!
 Samuel loves the cool booster seat my mom bought on Amazon for her house.
 Five of the six kids.
 My brother and niece

 Leah fell out of the top bunk and managed to lose her tooth.  It had been loose, but wasn't ready, so it bled a lot!  Poor kiddo!
 The birthday girl and me
 Samuel eating the frosting-less cake.
She made a popsicle with koolaid that she ate with her cake.