Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Sunday!

So, today has been a good day!  None of my kids have walked out in front of cars (Emma did yesterday).  I got enough sleep (Leah slept from 10-6).  We had yummy doughnuts for breakfast, no one drowned in the bathtub, we all looked nice and we were even 10 minutes early to church!  Leah barely made it through the actual Sacrament.  So, she ate throughout the meeting.  Luckily, Scott's mom was sitting there with the older kids, since Scott was translating.  Emma didn't even make a mess in the mother's lounge!  Poor Leah is cranky though!  She has a little fever and couldn't make it long between feedings.  She's so cute that I don't mind terribly.  I feel bad for her! 

 I made a huge bierrock and a stuffed bread with hamburger in it.  It was very yummy!  I get bored with the roast and potatoes every Sunday!  Mom and I made a deal that if I made dinner every Sunday, she would buy diapers!  I'm all for it! 

Emma is so stinking cute!  It's hard to reprimand kiddos that are cute, but it has to be done!  She would love Leah off a cliff!  She's wearing an adorable dress that my mom bought at a garage sale!  It's even stayed mostly white, which is amazing considering what Emma eats!

I got to talk to my sisters today.  Always fun, since we talk about once a week!  I love my sisters and my kiddos sure love them too!

Right now Ben is holding Emma's feet way up and calling her a wagon carrier (I think he means a wheelbarrow)!  He keeps wanting to pick her nose.  Yuck!

I'm just about ready for the new week.  We're going to try the garage sale thing this weekend.  I needed more time to go through everything!  I figure I'll need lots of tables in order to put everything out!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Why do I smell poop?

Probably because Emma, while potty training, does really well getting to the potty (as long as we're watching her) when she has to pee, but for poop, she prefers the floor! Gross! So, Scott cleaned up that mess and I cleaned her up. She still smells though! The good news is that the White-out she put on our wood floors came right off with WD-40! Who needs white-out? Another thing to add to my list of things that can't be in my house! My mom took Emma off our hands for an hour and a half which was nice! Scott and I got the place looking considerably better before the Mary Kay lady showed to give me my free facial. Sam came over to do a facial with me, so I wasn't alone. It took about thirty minutes and she hightailed it out of here, since she could tell we weren't going to buy anything. As a matter of fact, my face is starting to itch now! I'll probably wash it off soon, even if it does look nice!
I was up late last night, as usual and so I watched another episode of "While You Were Out." One of the coolest things I've seen them do was the huge flower picture that has a part that folds out with a cup holder inside. I just wanted to do a huge picture, since I've had this 4 by 5 foot canvas for a while now. So, I downloaded some software and scanned in the picture of us (tiny) in front of the Temple we were married at. Then I figured out dimensions and cropped a little. I got a whole bunch of white cardstock out, turned it grayscale and started printing. Seven pages from the end, it went blue and green, so I had no more black ink! Due to our finances we shouldn't spend money that isn't necessary, so I'm stuck with a 4/5 printed poster that my husband doesn't even like the idea of! I put it together and I think it looks cool, but I'm not the only one who lives here. Another project bites the dust!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Share and Share alike

So yesterday I gave in and called the Bus Barn and I don't have work for the summer. Bummer! I was counting on it and really shouldn't have, obviously. Scott took Ben in for his introductory dentist appointment and he has to get a physical first and then they'll put him to sleep to get everything done! I'm scared, and it's not even me! The good news is that Scott got a temp job that's supposed to last two weeks, so we'll be able to go a little longer without getting into our meager savings! I'm really looking forward to moving to Wichita next year! It'll be good to shake things up! Now to clean more. I got the basement half done and I already have a bunch of stuff to sell! I'm thinking about giving away my kids' toys as gifts with purchase! Hehehe! Here's hoping it won't rain!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just another day in Paradise

So, I was cold this morning, due to the fact that my blanket didn't get dried in time and I didn't want to stay up any later. Though I did make sure that Scott's blanket was washed and dried. And in all reality, I probably could have gotten it before I went to bed after staying up to finish reading "Earning Eternity" by Josi Kilpack. I sobbed at least twice reading! I really shouldn't read books where kids die! I think there should be a warning on some books that says, "Do not read if hormonal, pregnant or have a newborn, unless need to cry uncontrollably." Wouldn't that be fantastic? So, I stayed up late (totally my own fault), but my girls (Kira and Emma) had no problem getting me up at 6:30 this morning. Don't they know it's summer? Yikes! I planned to just get them watching PBS so I could go back to sleep, but no dice. Emma is rather attached to me. The good news is that I have plenty of time to do this and everything else! I'll just be tired and very cranky the rest of the day. I have to keep cleaning the house to prepare for the big yard sale on Saturday. I'm going to go room by room through everything, to get rid of lots, because my husband says that we have too much stuff. This coming from the man who has six fish tanks and a ton of junk! Nice! Maybe that will work in my favor. HHmmmm... Since we're planning on moving to Wichita come Fall '10, we need to start paring down! For everything I have to get rid of, he should too. Sounds good to me! My kids are naturally messy, so I'm not sure that only having one toy and five books is really gonna keep the mess down. It's amazing what they can do with just a few things! This morning for instance, I found three DVDs in the VCR, 2 which belonged into an empty case that I returned to the library yesterday, so I'll have to bring those in. I didn't even watch them! So, I thought they were in there. I really should have known better that not checking before leaving the house! We'll probably have a Hannah Montana marathon, since I got her shows fromt he Library. I love putting holds on at the Library. It sure saves me time and energy! It's like shopping online and just going in to pick up what I want. It's great!
Well, Maher-shalal-hash-baz (Emma) just walked in completely naked trying to put one of Leah's diapers on. She didn't want a Pull-up, no. She wanted a regualr diaper. Fun kiddo! She's wanting to assert herself and do everything she wants, but she can't talk to communicate that! I hope the whole signing thing starts going better. She doesn't seem to be able to use her fingers well enough to make a lot of signs, so then I have to figure out her version of signs. Maybe I should let Kira keep talking for her! She might be right. Or not.
Anyway, back to work!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My kiddos

Ben up close
Kira upside down

Emma partying hard

Leah with her big smile

Here we go

So, in order to use my free song player, I need to make a blog, so here goes!

Life as I know it is not even close to what I would have imagined as a younger me, but it's still good in a completely different way! Scott actually applied to a job today and I'm really hoping to get a phone call saying I get to drive for summer school (which starts next week). It would definitely help my finances! Here's hoping today goes well. So far all I've done is get dressed, wash dishes and a load of clothes and create this! Now to go clean up Maher-shalal-has baz's big mess (otherwise known as Emma). She managed to get into her 72 hour kit along with dumping my diaper bag! Fun!