About My Family

He has a Spanish degree and loves to garden, make cool things, and take care of his fish.  He's my very favorite husband in the whole wide world! 

Ben is my oldest.  He's thirteen and a half, and lives with Autism and ADHD.  His experiences and IEPs have made school so much easier for me, because I have been in the meetings for YEARS!  He loves to read, make up inventions, tell jokes, and learn.  He does not like math, and you can't make him!  He LOVES to read and tested above eleventh grade in language arts!  He is amazing at drawing his own made up animals!

Kira is my oldest daughter.  She is the tallest of all my kiddos and is an amazing helper!  She is a great mini-me!  She loves sports and learning!  She learned how to play basketball and improved a ton!  She also is quite the runner!  She loves to read and is super social with friends!

Emma loves getting attention!  She is super excited to be in my class this year!  She played softball for the first time this year and she loved it!

Leah wants me to do everything for her.  She still loves snuggles on my lap.  She weighs about the same as Cecilia and is only a little taller!  She is a pretty great artist and wants to do whatever Benny and Kira tell her to.  She loves to make her own songs and they are beautiful!  She'll be in 2nd grade this year!

Cecilia is my baby girl, although she's five!  She loves helping (sometimes), but really likes doing things her own way!  She changes clothes lots of times a day, and is quite the fashionista!  She loves to sing, dance, read books and getting her way.  She also tells a lot of stories!  We're talking TALL tales!  She so loves Kindergarten!

Josh is my four-year-old.  He is HUGE for his age!  He loves cars, trains, planes, boats...  If it goes, he loves it!  He also loves animals!  He loves our turtles and my sister's dog!  At the same time, when his big sisters do something, he wants to do the same thing!  He has me do tiny pony tails, file his nails, etc.  He does amazing in Preschool!

Samuel is our 2-year-old that loves transportation, superheroes, and Star Wars!  He is quite the talker at home, but is super shy in public.  He loves to help clean!  He is terrified of heights, yet will jump off the stairs onto bean bags.  He loves his big brother Josh and will follow him most anywhere!

Danny is our little bookend.  He's already 6-months-old and is in 12 month clothes!  He's growing fast!  I cant wait to see more of his personality!  He already has 6 teeth and is going places!