Sunday, June 28, 2015

Vacation Week 2

Our vacation is winding down and I'm so grateful for all of our families that have opened up their home to our huge and sometimes chaotic family!  It's been amazing getting to know all of you again and see where you live!  It's interesting to me how well where you live fits with each of you!
This week we started in Utah and saw Provo and Salt Lake City as we did a Temple Search for close by Temples!  It's amazing how different each one is!  I love to see the Temple!  I promised my kiddos that I would take lots of pictures of Temples and they can pick their favorite for me to print and have up by their bed.  They're super excited every time we spot another one, even if we don't get close ups of all of them!

We headed up to Idaho on Monday evening.  We had tons of fun with my brother's family just hanging out on Tuesday.  They let my smaller kids ride a pony, so they were excited!  They loved playing in their small pools, and on their trampolines!  Poor kiddos got sunburned though!  Momma fail.

Wednesday we headed to Seattle to see Scott's sister's family.  It was a LOOOONG trip, but awesome!  It took about 15 hours, with all of the stops we have to make, but totally worth the drive!  Their house and view are fantastic!  Our kids slept on the deck and did great with it, because it was cool at night, but not too cold.  We were able to go to the beach and see the Pacific Ocean, twice!  We rode the ferry to Seattle and then the monorail from Pike's Place to the Space Needle.  Our kiddos had a ton of fun!  They were super sad to leave Saturday morning!  They have loved getting to know cousins!

So, long trip back to Idaho yesterday and a couple of needed cherry stops.  My kids are totally Rainier cherry snobs now!  Ben says they're a very high quality.  They're pretty fresh too!
Now to get everyone ready in time for church!