Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day celebrations!

It's been quite the week!  Kira had 2 days of school and Ben had 3.  It's always fun when only Ben has school, since I'm his bus driver, and he's the only older student!  So, Ben gets one-on-one time with me every afternoon!  I had big goals of getting my house looking good over this long break.  What was I thinking?  I have 4 kids at home and I'm supposed to be able to deep clean without them messing up something behind me?  Is that even possible?  I have managed to clean out the fridge (while Scott took Emma and Kira to the dentist), the downstairs bathroom, the liveable side of the basement (though I need to reclean already, since my brother got the hideabed from there and it made quite a mess coming through), the kids' rooms and the living room.  No real deep cleaning yet!  It's coming, though, while Scott's gone to clean the church and Karate class I want to get something done!  Yesterday my kids made such big messes that I was ready to put myself  in a long timeout when I remembered the gym!  Babysitting!  So, I got all 4 kids ready and we went to the gym, where I worked out for an hour and 15 minutes!  I felt better!  We had to rush to mom's house to hang out with poor Sam, who got her wisdom teeth out.  We were there for a couple of hours, and Sam's friend showed up.  Then Bill's family showed up, with the Elders, and we came home.  That's when I cleaned the basement, to make it easier to get the couch out.  It didn't take long.  My kids just like things on the floor, instead of in totes or on shelves.   Scott brought me six yellow tulips (planted)!  How sweet!  It's too bad that Emma had to have one!  But, five is still better than none!  Bill came over with his Uhaul and the Elders to get the couch.  It took them and Scott awhile to get it upstairs.  I remember how hard it was to get in, so I sympathized!  Emma told them, "It's too big, guys!"  I thought it was pretty funny!  I'm sure glad we're not moving it to Emporia!   So, I changed really fast when Scott's mom came and she watched the kids while Scott and I went to see our movie at the Fork and Screen! 
We saw Percy Jackson and the Olympains: the Lightning Thief.  If you haven't read the books, you'll love the movie!  For me, having read the books, made it so that I didn't appreciate the casting at all.  Seriously, combining Anabeth and Clarisse was not a good idea.  And they threw in a few 'a' words, used properly, of course.  It just seemed like they took out characters they didn't like that didn't make a big enough impact in the book.  And they added stuff in, like Percy is supposed to be 12.  He doesn't look 12!  And in the fight scenes, it was so crazy that I couldn't look, because it made me kind of nauseous!  I just don't appreciate the "feeling a part" of the fighting, all over the place!  They changed a lot from the book, so now I'm going to have to reread the book to remember what really happened.  I'm actually not looking forward to the next movie.  It's so sad!  Maybe there won't be a next movie.  Who knows?  Either way, it was nice to get out of the house with Scott!  We went to the Pet Store afterwards and discussed getting a fish tank for Ben.  So, we have him starting a reward system where if he keeps his room clean and bathroom free, then after a week he gets a tank.  After another 7 days, he gets water in the tank.  Then after another 7 days, he gets fish.  He wants neon tetras.  Scott is super excited that Ben likes fish!  They'll have plenty to talk about now! 
Now for today.  The girls woke up at 6 this morning.  Emma woke up and was lonely, so she woke up Leah and Kira.  Then Scott and I woke up, so I feel like it's afternoon and it's not.  I got the basement recleaned and while I did that Emma made a mess in the kitchen.  And another day begins!