Sunday, September 27, 2015

Big reveal

Lots of fun this week!  We always love visiting with my family and we were able to celebrate Emma's birthday with them!  Ben and Kira ran together again at the race on Thursday and Ben actually finished in front of Kira by a few yards!  It was the hardest route this season and she hurt her ankle, but still came in at 8.11!  Pretty great show by my kiddos!

 My mom and Dad with Samuel
 He loves selfies!
 Emma and her cake
 The big group!  I love it!  
 Poor Dad was already full from lunch, so he didn't want much cake, Samuel was willing to eat all of his though!

 Emma loves the blue frosting!
 We're having a...
Now we're looking at 4 boys and 4 girls!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Emma is 8!

Without my allergy pills, I've been very sneezy!  It cracks me up that my kids say "Gesundheit!"  We usually bless them in Spanish when they sneeze, so it's super funny that they started German!  I don't mind at all!
Monday was Emma's 8th birthday!  She wanted sports equipment for the backyard, so that's what we got her!  We played kickball that night after Family Home Evening.  Other than Samuel and Josh constantly wanting the ball it went well.  Mostly.  The cupcakes I made were too hard to stick the candles in, so that was a mess.  You win some, you lose some.
Tuesday was long!  I got a phone call saying my mom was in the hospital.  I started sobbing in the kitchen, so Kira came running, as did Josh.  They were super worried too, so we knelt and prayed as a family.  I'm so grateful that Scott could stop playing ball and come home right away.  Heavenly Father loves us so much!  I had graham crackers on hand, so I had a comfort snack!  Then Wednesday was Inservice, so I could have my phone on!  It turned out okay, she's just stressed.
School is going well!  I really enjoyed seeing my kids run this week's cross country meet!  They stayed together!  So sweet!  Then one of Ben's friends came to the meet too, so she was there to cheer them on at the finish!  I'm so proud!  It went super fast!  Probably because I was having to hurry a poor, tired Josh over half of the course.  Poor kiddo!  I took pictures with my school iPad, so pictures will be later.  Scott heard that we needed to be doing more original dates, so he decided we should bike.  He aired up my tires, and we headed out.  For a flat place, there's plenty of hills!  My legs were burning!  We picked up his prescriptions and walked up the main street and looked in the windows of all the closed businesses and took some fun pictures!  There was a beautiful sunset as we were biking back, so I pushed hard trying to get to the lake at the park fast enough.  I wasn't, but I got an amazing picture as I crossed the railroad tracks!  I'm pretty good at action shots, sometimes.  I really miss my real camera, but I'm making do.
This morning Josh woke me up early to make him breakfast.  Yes sir!  I made oatmeal.  He was a happy camper!  He even went potty, so I rewarded him!  He wore underwear most of the day.  I can hope, right!?!  It was a pj kind of day, my legs hurt, so I napped!  I got my more in-depth lesson plans done!  Phew!
I can't wait for this next week to go by!

 Our classroom flag and motto
 Samuel making pudding

Even Samuel sat on the potty!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fun in service

We are working on being more service-oriented outside of our home.  I feel that my kids understand service, but aren't very good at branching out!  So, last night after having lots of fun with my family and my husband's, we headed to the church and pulled weeds out of rocks.  We were only able to do it for an hour (it got dark), but we got a lot done!  Then we played a game, that didn't go as well.  We had two kids crying after the first round and went home.  Hide-and-go-seek just isn't as much fun when you can find the criers (that and I wanted to get them cleaned up).  Poor kiddos!
Today after church, we had the opportunity to go and help put rubber mulch under the playground equipment at our school (for the preschoolers' new playground).  Now they'll finally be able to play!  It looks fantastic!  Many hands make light work, and we have plenty of hands!
We went home and got ready to head over to a family's house to celebrate her birthday.  Now this girl is amazing and I love her!  She is the first girl to get and keep Ben's attention.  He has no idea what to do with it, but he certainly tries!  He made her her very own dragon-Draga.  Turns out, she loves dragons!  A few years ago when we moved away, he informed me that I'd have to drive him back to date her.  Now, it won't be a long drive!  :)
Otherwise, school is going well.  Ben and Kira have dropped their mile times!  We're still not sure about Ben's time, but Kira went from 9:11 to 7:23 and Ben actually ran the end of the race!  Woohoo!  They have been working hard (Kira more than Ben, he really doesn't care).
We all enjoyed the big parade on Saturday and it was great spending time with both families!
 Cinnamon rolls I made from scratch
 Waiting for the parade
 Super excited it started!
 Josh loved the fire truck!

 Scott and Cecilia were TIRED!  Samuel kept trying to wake them up!
 Pulling weeds
 Putting down weed fabric and rubber mulch
 Proof that Ben and Emma helped.

 See how awesome it looks now!?!
Ben and Aurora-love them!  I'm hoping that they don't figure things out for at least three years!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Busy week

Josh finally got over his staph infection on his face and was able to go to school for the first time on Monday.  He's picked up the routine pretty fast and is doing great!  He loves eating breakfast and lunch at school!  It means that I get to eat lunch with Scott and Samuel everyday too.  :)  I was early picking him up (because I'm on lunch the same time as him) and I got to see him finish his food and then clean off his plate and put the dishes where they belong.  He's getting so big!  Now to potty train again!

Ben and Kira had their first Cross Country meet!  Since they're middle school, they get to go first and only have to run a mile!  Kira ran in 9:11 and Ben in 9:46.  Kira was mad that Ben was that close.  Ben even stopped and walked at the end (as I was taping), it was heartbreaking, because he was crying and he was right there at the end!
 At the beginning
 Kira in the middle
 Ben in the middle
 After they were done
 Sharing water with Samuel
 I love that she's modest!
A great smile!
On Saturday we drove up to see our niece baptized!  It was great!  We had a blast hanging out with family afterwards!  Our kids love their house and yard!  Josh had a blast chasing ducks and chickens!  Leah actually held a duck!  So much fun!

We also did a mini photo session with sunflowers on the way home!  I'm getting Emma's baptism invites ready!  Hurray!

 My cute little pirate!  Poor kiddo got poked in the eye!
With my handsome husband, whose birthday it is today!