Sunday, November 29, 2015

The past two weeks

So, it's been a busy couple of weeks, the evidence is in the pictures!
 My mamaw is visiting!
 Leah with her tiny tumbleweed that reminded her of Liberal!
 He's such a cute little copycat!
 Kira in blue at her basketball game.
 Being a goofball
 Josh being a boy.
 Kira in white at her basketball game.
Cecilia with two of her preschool friends.  They made short work of her popcorn!
 Samuel stole my toothbrush at the hotel!
 My cute little niece!
 My mom holding my curly head baby.
 Ben's birthday cupcake after a full Thanksgiving day!
 Even my Dad sang to Ben!
 My mom holding my newer niece!
 After his haircut
And his haircut

My three sisters!
 Ben with his books he got with Grammie's Christmas money.
 Skyping with my Idaho brother and his family!
 Kira hanging out with friends!
 Cecilia with her Grammie Christmas money Build-a-Bear.
 Emma got a minion!
 Silly boys!
Kira and her far away bestie!  I'm glad they were able to spend time together!

Now to fill in the blanks!  Kira's team won all of the basketball games!  Woot woot!  Kira's getting better, and she's working hard!  We only had two days of school this week and Scott had surgery on Monday.  His mom came down and helped with the kids and even helped clean up and got groceries!  She rocks!  Scott's recovering very well!  My 7 month check up went well!  I've lost a pound this last month, still measuring good, and got the Tdap.  Good times.  Then we headed up to my family and my mom and dad put us up in a hotel.  Our kids spread out over my sisters' houses and at my parents and with us.  Samuel stayed with us the whole time, and Josh was with us two of the days!  It was fantastic spending time with family for three whole days!  I was glad we were able to skype with my one far away sibling!  We love his family!  Our kids loved playing with their cousins!  Now we have the countdown to Christmas, when we can be together again!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Temple trip and family

Kira played basketball on Thursday, her second game!  The JV only lost by three!  They worked really hard and it was great watching Kira grow!  She gets better every week!  The coaches even let her play the last minute of the Varsity girls game!  They won by a lot!  We're making sure that she practices outside of practice, especially holding the ball, dribbling and catching!  We'll start working more on shooting after she gets those down!
On Saturday I had the opportunity to go with the Youth to the Temple to do baptisms.  Ben did his very first baptism for the dead!  He's super scared of water, so we were all so proud of him for being willing to try and do one!  He took two tries, but he did it!  I silently cheered!  We were excited, because the whole BYU team was there, so we got some pictures after we got out!  Pretty cool!  I was sad to miss the game, but it's expensive, so I'm just fine!
On Sunday, after church, we headed up to KC and saw Scott's family and played an awesome game called "Telestrations" that cracked us all up!  We had a great time and then went to my parents' house (they just got back from a two-week trip)!  We could only spend an hour there, but we loved every minute!  I love hearing great stories and even my Mamaw told some!
I may be exhausted, but it was totally worth it!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kira's first basketball game

Kira had her very first Basketball game this week!  I thought she did great for her very first time!  She's learning defense and how to shoot the ball into the basket!  I was also able to help out with the School's big Fundraiser-the Soup Supper.  I found strawberry fudge and peanut butter fudge recipes that I love!  They're super easy and taste amazing!  It's at mysixsisters blog!  Yum!  I'll have to try out more of their recipes!
My students put up with me moving their tables and now they're moving over to individual desks.  I had a lot of help after school on Friday with changing the tables to desks!  It was a great workout!
My kids are still awesome!  We got three of the four kids' rooms clean yesterday, which was quite the feat!  We even found Emma's long lost glasses (two weeks gone, they were just under her bed, next to her journal, not even hard to find).
Today was great, we learned about being grateful and happy, taught about Exaltation, and learned about doing missionary work.  I didn't feel the usual guilt, because I AM doing missionary work!  Woot woot!  I even went on teamups tonight!  There are so many awesome people in this world and I'm so excited I get to meet more of them and get to know them!  We have great Sister Missionaries too!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

I can do it!

You can do it too!
I'm sure that Heavenly Father loves each of us so much!  We were paid on Friday and then Scott took our van in to have the tires checked (they're constantly low and we're having to fill them with air).  We thought it'd be maybe $12, so not a big deal.  Nope.  It ws $318 and a few hours later.  The good news is that our car is driving much better and I'm desperately hoping this helps our gas mileage out, so we don't have to fill up every two days! So, while no fun, it may be a blessing in the long run!
Tonight I wasn't feeling well, and I was signed up to go with the Sister missionaries.  I knew that it was probably Satan trying to keep me from going with them tonight.  I prayed and felt better enough to go.  We went to the first place and she told us that tonight wasn't a good night.  I almost immediately felt fine.  I'm super sad that I wasn't able to talk to her at all, because I know it would have been great!  She is loved, and I hope she is able to have the Sisters over another time when things are better!
Right now Leah is our only kiddo that feels sick!  Poor kiddo!
We made it through Parent-Teacher Conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday night and they were great!  I love this school!  Thursday was Halloween parties, so mad craziness!  But, there was no school on Friday!  I still had to get Kira to basketball practice at 6 am, so I got all of my lesson planning and copies done first thing that morning!  Woohoo!
Our kids had a fantastic time yesterday for Halloween!  We had a Carnival/Fall Festival at church and then Trick-or-Treating at the main road here!  It was crazy busy, but I saw a friend (the one that got me this awesome job) and her family, and three of my students!  Our kids had a blast. although they were super tired of all the walking.  :)