Sunday, December 13, 2009

Aahh, December!

The time of frigid cold, trying to think of good presents, sending out packages and Christmas cards, crying children who are afraid of Santa, and so on!  The glories of December... 
So far this month we've seen Santa and Father Christmas.  Emma refused to go anywhere near both!  Leah put up with Santa, but did not like Father Christmas!

Yes, it was very kind of Bass Pro Shops to cover Emma's face!  She was mad!

We also made wagons, decorated stockings, made Christmas tree cards (only a few will get one), and decorated our Christmas tree.

The kids like Bass Pro Shops!

We also ate at Applebee's, using a giftcard that I got for my birthday, and $8!  Not bad for feeding all 6 of us!

Kira was watching the football game.

She loves french fries.

I'm not sure why Emma's looking at me!

Scott, Leah and I pretended to be Joseph, Mary and Jesus for the Creche Exhibit.

That was fun!  Leah had a blast with so much attention!  I thought it was funny when someone asked us if we were a real dad, mom and baby.  Like the Stake can afford actors!
She even teethed on the manger a little!

This is Ben getting ready to be a Rock'n Reindeer!

He's on the far right!

Gotta love the Christmas season!  All I have to do now is 2 Winter parties at school, presents for teachers, finish presents for in-laws, 2 Family Christmases, maybe 4, and go to Louisiana!  Phew!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh my...

Well, obviously I have been so busy that I pretended like I didn't have time to catch up!  Sheesh!  For awhile I was reading a lot of the time, (and cleaning, of course).  So many good books, so little time!  I finally got my house looking considerably better, but already it's falling apart again.  To the trash or Craigslist, lots of things will go!  My kiddos have a hard time cleaning, and I can't keep up without help.  Therefore we need less "stuff!"  I'm actually excited for Christmas. We're doing the "something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read."  Unless they can't figure out how to take care of their things, in which case they don't get Christmas presents.  Phooey!  In the meantime, I saw an awesome couch on the side of the road and picked it up, so we have our very first nice couch.  I now keep my Living Room a little cleaner and won't let my kids anywhere near the couch with any food or drink, no matter what!  I also got a new Entertainment Center off of Craigslist.  Ours had the bottom fall out of the drawer and we couldn't shut it, which is bad for our newly mobile baby girl!  I love it!  We redid our family pictures last weekend, back at the waterfall.  And I've already got the kids' new pictures on the wall!  Scott went down to Emporia for Transfer Day and got some more info.  We have both been accepted, so Emporia here we come!  And I think I'll leave it at that! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Once again, catch up

So, my husband is now the big 3-0! 
And Emma is 2! 
she loves her present!Fam in front of sunsetthe sunset
Her party was at Chuck E Cheese's!  She's exerting her independence and fickleness at the same time.  She wants to choose, but keeps changing her mind!  Then, yesterday she took off outside while we were distracted (I had just gotten home and was feeding Leah).  Ben saw it, but she hadn't asked for permission, so he didn't say anything!  That kid!  Luckily, a neighbor came over and asked if the kids could play and Scott and Kira went out.  Kira spotted Emma, and they went to get her.  She wasn't very close to home at all.  I was so scared!  There's no way I can be constantly watching the door! 
Ben is doing very well with his reading.  His teacher has moved him up 5 reading levels, this week!  He finishes his reading homework in about 5 minutes, while we wait for the other kiddo to get on the bus!  Now if I could get him in the least bit interested in math and numbers!  I love numbers, so it's hard for me to understand! 
Kira got her hair chopped for Locks of Love, so now I can send in her hair, mine, and my sisters'.  Hopefully it'll be enough to make a wig, although Kim's hair is nowhere near our color!  She was pretty excited about it!  She also attended her very first friend birthday party.  I made Hannah Montana bows for the girls that match!  I thought they turned out well. 

Leah is scooting around on her back, like a crabwalk sort of thing.  She can sit up better everyday!  She sure is a cute and happy baby!

I painted a mural in my sister's room.  I had a little help from Scott (I told him what to do).
I'm needing to lose weight like crazy, but having a hard time staying motivated!  I worked out 4 days last week and then this week, I've slacked off!  Gggrr!  The good news is that I'm not pregnant, so I can keep trying!  And we bought a double stroller so I can take the girls walking with me!  I also need to do some more organizing.  Emma's moved up a size (well, technically, she's in between sizes), so I have to go through everything.  Plus I need to sort out the summer stuff, and move to the Fall/Winter stuff.  Yeesh!
Scott's getting a pretty good handle on school and does his first observation tomorrow!  I can't wait to hear about it!

And then, this weekend we're going to St. Louis, now those will be some nice pictures!  I can't wait!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So, man! When the rain falls, it pours! The good news is that we have umbrellas! I went to do service with my sister at the Bishop Storehouse yesterday. We were taking the loose skins off of onions. I'm not sure why that's important, but it's what we were asked to do. My sister started feeling faint, so she dropped to her knees, but refused to put her head between her knees. She stood up, because crouching wasn't helping. Imagine! So, she walked away and said she'd be back. About a minute or so later, one of the Sisters runs in to tell me that my sister passed out! So, I go running to the front, and she looks PALE! She had jerked a few times and almost fallen off her chair. Luckily one of the sisters had seen her and caught her! Poor Kim woke up to several older ladies surrounding her. Then she felt like she had to throw up and I didn't know where the trashcan was, so she ended up throwing up on the floor. She was so embarassed! She kept apologizing and telling us how embarassed she was. They called 911 and the Paramedics showed up a while later. They couldn't find her pulse, though she was awake and talking. So, Kim refused the ambulance and I got to drive my little sister to the nearest hospital after she got a blessing. One of the good things about passing out in a church facility! Of course, my parents and Sam came, bringing Leah, so she wouldn't starve while I was gone! We were in North KC, so not very close to home. Kim went through a ton of tests and everything came back normal, so the Doctor called it a "simple faint." And some other medical stuff. It sounds like she has hypertension. We were there for about 3 hours! Needless to say, we were starving, so my parents kindly bought dinner at Burger King. Yay! Leah did pretty good! Kim was feeling much better by the time we left. They had given her nausea medication and that really perked her up!
Now, today I had to wake up earlier than I'd like the last week of summer vacation. I fed Leah really well and went to the Bus Driver Huge Safety Meeting. I was so proud of myself for not eating any doughnuts! I'm trying to lose weight and I haven't been able to walk yesterday or today! Anyway, the big boss informed us that we could only bring 2 kids on the bus with us and absolutely no babies under 1! Talk about stress! Since I have 4 kids and an unemployed student husband. Luckily, my mom called and said she'd help out! Phew! One load off. So, Leah was happy to see me when I got back and went to sleep soon after. I went out to do errands. I bought CHEAP school supplies at Office Max. What great deals! I got 3 Sharpies, 2 ten packs of pencils, 6 folders, and 3 packs of filler paper for 64 cents! Awesome! I went to Walgreens to drop off Ben's prescription and then to the library to kill time until I could pick it up. It didn't take long, so I read in the parking lot, to find out that I wasted my time! Our insurance wasn't renewed for this month! Say what? I sent everything in last month, at the beginning of the month! GGRRRR!!! So, my son is now out of his Narcotic ADHD meds and goes CRAZY when he doesn't have it everyday! I called two numbers and waited on hold for at least 30 minutes (together, not each call) to find that they are in the first stages of processing our insurance. The first stages!!! So, now I have to call back tomorrow and the next day in the hopes of hurrying it through. And my son will be without medication until then, since it costs $192! But, we're able to pay our rent! And we have money for food. And we're healthy and the house is considerably cleaner with my new system. The new system is that my children have to clean in order to earn time to watch tv! It's great! In order for them to watch a movie, they have to do a lot of chores! It takes some of the load off of me, which is fantastic! I'm trying hard to roll with the punches and have "Joy in my journey." Right now I'm a little motion sick from all the twists and turns on my journey. But, life goes on!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ben, Ben, Ben

After surgery
At the hospital

After his haircut

Before his haircut

Today was a day for Ben! I had to wake up at 6:30 this morning to get him medicated and fed before 7. Luckily, he was up in the Living Room, so it was pretty easy. He ate so slow that he only got to eat 2 oranges for breakfast! Then I had to keep a constant eye on him to keep him from eating anything! He tried to sneak some mac and cheese and later a twizzler. Poor kid, it's hard to understand that he couldn't eat before his surgery! I also buzzed his head, since he cut his hair so short! My sisters and sister-in-law came over, and we all went on a walk to keep him distracted for awhile. I took some pictures of him. Sort of a before surgery photo shoot. Of course, I got pictures of everyone. We got back 15 minutes too late for him to drink any water, so then I had to make sure that he didn't try and drink anything, and I felt so bad for him! We all wanted popsicles, so I made whomever was eating them stay in the kitchen, so as not to torment him! Kim came back and watched Kira and Emma while we took Ben and Leah with us.

We made it there in good time and got a pretty good parking spot. I got to read with Ben a whole lot. He really wanted me there and I'm so glad I got to be there! I held him when he was supposed to be falling asleep from the medicine they gave him, but, no. He was still wide awake when they put him on the bed and started rolling him away from us. They let us tell him goodbye and then were off. Right on time! About an hour later we were told that everything went fine. He had 5 teeth pulled, some crowns put on, some fillings and three spacers put in! They're fast! Then we had to wait for him to wake up and when they finally came to get us, of course I was feeding my baby. Little awkward... Either way, he was excited to see us! He told me that he had been crying for me and his dad. He was still out of it, but was glad to let me sit and hold him while he started waking up more. He gladly drank some Sprite they gave him. He was so thirsty! I felt so bad for him when I saw his mouth! Wow! He no longer has top front teeth! I'm glad that they were able to do everything though! He really wanted the IV out (he called it a "Stick." The Nurse also told me that he told her he wanted to be a Pokemon master trainer when he grew up. (I doubt it pays well.) He was pretty silly, but not more than usual. He got a shirt that said he had a surgery at Children's Mercy. And he got to ride in a wagon out to the car, since he was "under the influence." He didn't want to leave, he wanted to stay there! So, he was crying about getting out of the wagon and into our car. That made me sad! But, we stopped by Hy-Vee and I got him all kinds of foods and popsicles to eat. Which is good, because he was starving! He went after the popcorn the girls had left on the floor! In a bowl, mind you. So, Scott had to take that away. Then we let him have real food, because obviously he was up for it. He ate a ton of strawberries, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, half a can of ravioli with meatballs, a little Golden Cakester, and a few popsicles right after he got home. Poor kid was starving! Of course, so were Scott and I, since we weren't allowed to eat or drink the whole time either! Not as much as him! I was perfectly okay with letting him help himself! What a good kid! Luckily, Kim took Kira with her when she left, so everyone got along just fine! Kira really enjoys beating Ben when he's down, and since he was just out of surgery, I'm glad he got a break! I was really wishing I hadn't sworn off of tv for the week! But, we made it! And Ben seems to be doing fantastic, though I did make sure and give him more Ibruprofen before bed, just to make sure! We're so lucky!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Looong day!

Oh my goodness, what a full day! And, of course, almost everything had to happen today! Luckily, Ben's surgery is tomorrow or we would have had all kinds of problems! So, I had to wake up "early," feed the baby and get both Emma and I ready to go. I went to my mom's house and picked up My sister-in-law and her mom to take her to her Doctor's appointment in KC. She had to have an in-depth ultrasound. We were way early and they were way nervous! Turns out her regular doctor was using the wrong due date, and freaking out everyone for no reason! Her baby is a little small, but it's not that big of a deal! So, good news there! On the way back I put a check in the bank, also good news! Then I got to wait for Emma to come back and we went home. My mom so kindly lent us the money for registration! After lunch, Scott took Emma and Kira to the dentist. They LOVED it! Jenkins and Leblanc are excellent! They got balloons, stickers, a new toothbrush and toothpaste! Kira loved watching some of a movie, since we're not allowing the tv on for this week, and playing a video game! Emma's teeth are fantastic and Kira needs 10 cavities taken care of, which will happen in 3 appointments. Fun! I'm sure she'll be thrilled! Really! While they were gone, Ben started pacing like crazy! He did clean the living room and his bedroom and said he did his chores! What a great kid! He spoiled it by cutting his own hair. Like buzz cut short on the front left half of his head! Should look fantastic with him going into surgery tomorrow to get all of his teeth fixed! Yikes! So, Scott gets back with the girls and I take Kira with me to the school and get my kids registered and Kira signed up for her Kindergarten screening. Then we went to Wal-Mart and got the rest of the school supplies, plus some comfort items for Ben to take with him to surgery! I'm so glad they moved the surgery up a week so I can be there! When I asked him what he wanted to take with him to the hospital, he replied, "My mom!" I'll get to be there! Next week I had to go to the bus driver safety meeting, so I wouldn't have been there! Anyway. I came home, washed dishes and made dinner. Then I stood in line for a meeting and got $25 for my effort (gas money to last us, hopefully). I came home, helped put the kids to bed, fed the baby, and sent Scott off to his late night meeting. What a day! I'm glad everything has went so well!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another day bites the dust

Man! Emma's age is wearing me out! I really don't like the phase of not needing sleep! She woke up at 1am this morning, then wanted to get into bed with me. She had had a nightmare, so I understood the want. But, when she didn't go back to sleep in the next hour, I began to rethink my position. She wanted to go potty, so I took her and had to change her diaper. She tried everyone's bed out, and decided she still wanted in mine. I was exhausted and cranky at this point. She took her diaper off (that was the last one upstairs) and wanted to go potty again. Now, mind you, she didn't go potty the first time, just sat there. So, I just put her in her room and let her cry it out. I was so tired! Obviously, because when she woke me up, she smelled. I forgot to put a new diaper on her! Whoops! Oh well!
I was tired this morning, so my kids got their fill of Saturday morning cartoons, while Scott went to a baptism. What a mess! I had them help me clean up some. My determination to leave the tv off all week next week has been cemented! I'm actually excited! Then, after the week without any tv, I'll let them earn screen time with doing their chores. I'm tired of being the only one who cleans! I'm doing a huge cleanup this week and that will make it easier on the kiddos the week after. Funnily enough, while watching cartoons, they saw a commercial for the new Swivel Sweeper and both Ben and Kira want one. I think they're pretty cool too! Especially if it encourages my kids to clean! If I had the $50, I would totally do it!
Anyway, we went over to my parents' house as soon as Scott got home and everyone was ready. I was so excited to see Kim! It's always nice to visit with my family too! We ended up getting to see the new Harry Potter movie today! Hurray! I've been wanting to see it for a week now! It was Bill, Laura, Kim, Sam, Leah and I that went. It was pretty good! I got back too late to consider going to the Ward BBQ. Oh well. So, I watched a few Hannah Montanas that I had recorded on my parents' DVR, so they have a little more space! I really like most of the Disney Channel shows. They're clean! And somewhat humorous. Some shows more than others! It's nice being able to watch shows with my kids!
So, now Emma is wide awake and not wanting to sleep. Ugh! What a funny kiddo! Hopefully, she won't be cranky at church tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Leah is a pilot. She looks surprised!
Kira, Emma and Scott "flying"

Me, Leah, Ben and Kira inside one of those huge helicopters

Scott and Kira

The kids and their newly made treasure chests

Me and my birthday fruit pizza (Sam made it) in my beautiful birthday clothes that Mom and Sam got me (mom paid and Sam helped with the choosing)

Leah eating rice cereal for the first time, she loved it so much, she wanted to take the spoon to the bowl herself!

My version of the cute picture at Picture People. If only I had professional backgrounds!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 6th of July!

We ended up going to my dad's classroom for the 4th. Hurray! They got back with plenty of time. We had an awesome view of the fireworks in Corporate Woods! So, Leah got to see her very first set of fireworks! She was absolutely interested and wasn't scared, since the windows blocked most of the loudness! Even Emma kept saying, "Wow!" She's talking so much better! Little by little! It's actually cute when she says, "No!" It's too bad we got home at 11 and then had to go through Kira's bags to find stuff. I got to bed about 12:30, yikes! But Emma slept all night!

Yesterday I enjoyed seeing an old friend at church! I miss the 3rd Ward! I talked to Julia for about 10 minutes and still didn't miss any of Relief Society! Then after church I spent at least an hour making potato salad. It turned out well! Emma had a small bowl's worth right after I finished it, so she thought it was good! We got to go to a really fun get-together after I finished the food. We all went to Shannon's house and saw old friends! Most of us have kids, so we spent a lot of time chasing kids and trying to talk. Scott and I swapped off, so we got to do some talking. It was great being with other adults!

I totally want to have a get-together on my birthday, but I don't want it to be a birthday party. So, I was thinking about having a Swap shop/Game night. That way I have something fun to do on my birthday! And how great would it be to save money by swapping good stuff! I'm still working on the idea!

Leah is so cute! I got her all dressed up today and she's so cute, not that my other kids aren't. I'll be adding more pictures onto my slideshow!
Kira's picture is from Louisiana and she's holding a baby alligator (about 3 or 4 years old)! Crazy!