Sunday, May 7, 2017

Leah got baptized!

Last weekend, Leah took a big step forward and was baptized, right after her friend!  We had a nice lunch, the baptism, and then amazing cake!  Leah's friend's Grandma makes amazing cakes!  I was excited my mom and sisters could come, plus two of my nieces and my mother-in-law! Leah was scared, but felt confident when baptized and knew she had made the right choice!  She bore a very sweet testimony in church today!
 Her customized towel.  She picked the stitch.
 Bonnie does amazing cakes!
 Two happy campers!
 After she was baptized
 With her friend

 Two tired boys
 Three generations!  I LOVE this picture!
 Our family, since we didn't take a family picture.
 At the Park for FHE

 After his run-in with the heavy swing.

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