Saturday, April 3, 2010

And now, it's April!

Seriously, I feel like time is flying by! 

The cake I made

I didn't make this one!

I can't believe Leah's one and Kira's turning six soon!  Next Saturday!  I love, love, love our Target pictures!  Fantastic!  My house is clean, the girls are all asleep, and life is good!  I'm super excited about our "new" computer system, that I won the bid for, only $85 for a complete setup.  I'm hoping to try and sell my "old" (it's only a year old) computer system for about the same.  I can hope, right?  I just finished the last Fablehaven book (by Brandon Mull) and I loved it!  I really do hope he comes out with something that has Kendra's and/or Seth's kids doing something cool!  I'm sad that he won't have another book (a different series) come out till next year.  What's up with that?  Why can they only put out one book a year?  I know lots of authors (or their publishers) do that, even though the book is done!  I don't get it, but I'm not the one doing it!  Now I'm waiting for my box of books to come in.  I had to order the next book in Chad Daybell's series, and while I was on the website, I found a steal, 16 books for $20!  Woohoo!  I hope they're good!  If not for me, maybe someone else, via Amazon!  In the meantime, I managed to write a semblance of a song.  I've got the words down and I made a tentative Soprano/Alto line, but it's not like what I have in my head.  And the program I bought (for $40) doesn't work like it said it would!  I was supposed to be able to sing into the microphone and it would put the notes down.  Not so much!  It goes from alto to tenor in one measure!  Crazy!  So, back to the drawing board! 
I loved Conference today!  How great is it that Jeffrey R Holland talked about pornography and lust?  Usually only the guys get that talk in Priesthood!  I was trying to listen, which was difficult with my two-year-old on my lap!  She wanted to talk and talk!  Oh well!  I can listen to it again later!  I did manage to write something, I don't know if you would call it a poem or not, but I want to put it on something for my kids in their rooms.
Be modest.
Be honest.
Be faithful and true.
Be helpful.
Be prayerful
In all that you do.
Love Jesus and God much more than yourself.
Love family and neighbors, but keep your sense of self.
Be peaceful.
Be cheerful.
In all things, give thanks.
Be selfless.
Be guileless.
And show no one hate.
                                               My big family picture on my wall!  Love it!

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