Thursday, September 16, 2010

Catch up

It's getting late, but I really need to catch up!  School is going well.  So far, so good!  Our baby is a girl according to our ultrasound and we are going to name her Cecilia Marie.  I was worried about the whole girl name, since we have boy names, but no girl names.  So, as I lay there waiting for the doctor to come in, we discussed names and Scott said it and I agreed!  Mandy liked it too (she got to see the ultrasound with us)!  Now I can sell all the baby boy clothes at the Yard Sale for the park on Saturday.  I took out anything that she can use of course!  The good news is that I have now bought enough Newborn diapers for 3 weeks and Size 1 diapers for at least 2 months!  That should cover me for awhile!  This whole Walnut Park Renovation is going well, but we'll see how well we did publicizing the Sale!  We seriously need donations!  That's been keeping me busy, as has being a Cub Scout Wolf Den Leader and a Nursery teacher.  Fun times, fun times!  Kid wise, Ben is quite the character!  He was running around (wired for sound) and so I had him come to me and I hugged him and told him I loved him, to which he replied, "Yeah."  Obviously he had no doubts!  Kira, poor thing, has been a serious klutz today!  She fell down the front porch stairs twice (once at our house and once at someone else's) and she fell at school!  Poor kiddo!  She did really well helping me pass out flyers until then!  Emma is getting into everything!  She chopped her hair last week, bad.  It's very much not pretty.  Then today she pulled out a box of food dye and proceeded to dye the floor, a card, her sheet (new), the wall...  But, she tells me I'm the best mom in the world!  She's three, what can I say?  Leah is a blast!  When I come home, she runs up to me, hugs my leg and says, "ooohhhh."  She also says, "Uh oh" now, which cracks me up!  And I just love the way she says, "Mom!"  I have some great kids!  And a great husband, of course!  So, yeah, good times at the Westhoffs.  They usually include a mess, that I get to clean up!  Hurray for children! 

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