Sunday, February 14, 2016

Welcome Daniel, Goodbye Dad

It's been awhile, because my life has been centered around prepping for our 8th kiddo and spending as much time as possible with my family.  Every day I was grateful that Scott hadn't received a text from Mom.  Every day I was grateful that Daniel hadn't come yet!  We were really hoping to have a van that fit all of us before he was born.  Heavenly Father had a different plan, and He knows best!

Last Sunday I was feeling contractions off and on all day.  I went to work on Monday knowing I was in labor, because I had so much I needed to do!  I let everyone know I was probably having a baby that night or the next day.  That way my students were prepared!  My baby shower was cancelled and they gave us the diapers and wipes (awesome) and brought cupcakes that were super yummy!  I was only having a couple contractions an hour, so I wasn't worried.  Then I started bleeding and I was worried until I googled it, and it's normal in labor!  I made it through the day and went to my Doctor's appointment.  I was at a 2-3, so she told us to walk for an hour and then come into the hospital.  This wasn't my first rodeo, so we got Burger King, to up my protein before going into the hospital and not being able to eat!  We walked around for awhile with contractions increasing, and then went to the house to have prayer and scripture time as a family before going in.  Our kiddos loved seeing us!  Luckily, Scott's Mom was able to come and be with the kids and helped us out a ton!  She had things under control, but Samuel was missing his Momma!  We headed into the hospital and I got to ride the wheelchair up.  I thought it was super silly considering I was going up there to walk, but protocol.  I was only up to a 3, so I walked for about an hour or so, and then when she checked I was up to a 4.  The nurse called my doctor to see what should be done now.  About 20 minutes later, she came in to admit me and got my iv in.  She started doing the Epidural questions, and labor got rough!  I was clutching the handrail with all I had every three minutes or so.  Then the Nurse walked out asking to be let known if anything happens, and then my water bust.  Apparently only one bag of water had busted, but Scott yelled at her down the hall!  That was funny!  The labor was getting worse and I could feel him moving down and feel the pressure!  Then my other water exploded all over!  Woah!  That was crazy!  The poor nurse tried to get the Doctor in there, and that wasn't happening, so she grabbed another nurse.  I told them he was coming and they told me not to push and then they looked and said go ahead!  It wasn't long and he was there!  I went from a 4 to delivery in about 30 minutes.  Wow!  I somehow had the strength to get through it!  It's amazing!  He's a perfect little guy that weighed 9 pounds 1.4 ounces and was 20 and a quarter inches long!  He has blond hair and navy blue eyes and a bruised little face (especially his nose) from coming out so fast!  That was on Monday night.  He did great and my recovery was awesome!  I love my last little guy!
We got out of the hospital on Wednesday.  Then on Thursday we went up to see my parents and see about a van.  We decided no on the van, but we got the much anticipated Dan and Daniel picture!  I'm so glad we did!  He really wasn't doing well!  We picked the kids up from school and I showed Daniel off to the teachers.  I think he's cute!  We feel very loved with so many people giving us diapers and wipes and cute clothes and food!  Wow!  Our fridge and freezer were full!
Friday I went into school at lunch, so I was able to give my students their Valentine presents (book, bookmark, Valentine and candy), and they were so excited to see me!  So sweet!
Saturday, my sister came down and helped us all get up to Olathe, so we could spend the day.  My Dad really wasn't doing well, so we visited!  My sister was holding his hand and Scott let me know I needed to get in there.  We were there as he passed so peacefully.  His eyes were wide open looking at what I'm sure were angels in the room.  I checked for his pulse several times and it was still there for a little while.  Long enough for us to get almost everyone in there.  And then he was gone.  We had to wait awhile for the nurse to come and declare time of death (the poor nurse)!  We had a loving Stake President and Bishop show up and talk to us.  So sweet of them!  Our auto default is laughter, so we tried to be happy.  It's hard.  Phone calls, texts and emails were made and sent.  We stayed until they were about to get the body, and then went home.  My mom let us borrow her van, so we were able to get home.
Today I wanted to make sure my kids had a good example, so we all went to church.  I felt my Dad there and knew I had made the right choice!  I ended up staying for all three hours (though I was feeding Daniel during the Second hour).  Kira had a great talk in Primary!  We talked about Adversity in Relief Society.  Not my favorite topic.  But, someone brought up at least we didn't get punched in the throat!  There we go!  We will all be okay thanks to a loving Heavenly Father and Savior!

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