Monday, August 9, 2010

We were on the front page of the paper!

I know, I'm putting it everywhere, but I am so excited!  Not that my picture is in the newspaper (because they aren't very flattering for me), but that our group is getting the attention it deserves!  We will have a better park!  Hurray!  Kira was excited to see her picture and name in the paper.  She's hoping they make a movie from it.  It doesn't hurt her to dream!  In the meanwhile, I passed my Math test on the second try, I got an A in two of my summer classes (since they don't have A+s here), and I still have yet to find out my grade from my last class.  It's the class that started all of this community work, so a good class!  I'm glad to now know how to best complain about problems!  I'll be taking the school on about the parking thing next.  I mean, really, I can't buy a parking permit for any place to park at school?  Nope, just way out in the middle of nowhere, by the free parking (which is way out there).  So, yeah, I'm a little mad that the on-campus students are allowed to park in good spots.  I'm pregnant and I have to park far away, Ggrrrr...  But, as long as I can get Scott's lab moved to a better time, I can get some classes I actually want to take for my major.  Most especially, the Art Education Class!  Woohoo!  I'm really hoping!  I see the Advisor tomorrow.  Now, to get an appointment with a real doctor so I can get an ultrasound.  That way I have good news to curb all the bad going on right now!  Hurray for good news!  And Trixie Belden books!  I love them, and I only have a few!  Someday I may have the whole collection.  I know my kids will love them when they get older!

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