Sunday, August 1, 2010

My birthday

Well, I turned 29 last week.  Pretty interesting how nothing changes.  I'm not sure why we're always worried about birthdays, because it is not very likely that your life will change because you're another year older!  This week I got another checkup.  The baby still sounds great!  I could hear my heartbeat mingling in a lot too.  Makes it sound a little loud in there.  That's good, because it's plenty loud out here!  The baby's heartbeat was about 150-160, so she started saying it was a boy.  I hope, I hope!  I've learned how to make the cute little onesies with ties, and I'm going to branch out with some appliques on missionary tags.  How cute would that be?  It was kinda my missionary brother's idea!  And if I have a boy, I can just use my husband's old tag to photocopy onto fabric paper and tada!  Cute, right?  In the meantime, I'm poor and can't afford to start new crafts.  So, of course, I keep finding super cool websites doing fun things (like turn a childhood favorite book into a clock)!  I have every intention of doing the clock with picture frames on the wall.  That way I have a reason for lots of pictures on my wall!  YES!  Now, back to real life:  messy rooms, an empty dishwasher, children not going to sleep, done with a fantastic book (by Marcia Lynn Mcclure, I LOVE her books), and a husband waiting so very impatiently for me to go to bed.  What's the likelihood?

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