Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another week

I should probably accept the fact that I'm super busy and won't plan out my time well enough to blog more often, but that's okay!  In the meantime, here's the pile of catchup pictures:
 Our family

My sisters and I (Yes, we're all pretty, and they're all single...)

The Foreman clan

Melissa cut Leah's hair and it looks great!

A blast from my past-Nata came to visit and we got to hang out for a day!

The applique I made for Ben's shirt

The appliques and matching hair clip I made for Kira.  She only wore the hair clip.  Gggrrr...

 Goofing off before school.  See how Ben is actually wearing the shirt I decorated?

 After school and before Kira started crying about getting into trouble on the first day of school.
 The special snacks I made that made the school day better.  Phew!  I really need them to go to school daily!  I also made snacks for me!  White chocolate cherries, YUM! 
Emma fell asleep.  What a crackup!

Okay, to fill in the blanks now.  I finished Summer school and ended up with 2 A's and an A- (in Math, so I was THRILLED)!  I read some fantastic books!  I will be reviewing them soon.  We "vacationed" in Olathe for almost a week.  We got Foreman pictures done.  Mainly mom had a friend come and an old family friend was there and just snapped pictures!  Nice!  We're such a huge crew it takes alot to get a good picture! 
 We came home on Tuesday and got everything for school on Wednesday and then I stayed up till 3 am working on the kids' shirts, because I wanted them to have something special for their first day of school (and I wanted to use my new sewing machine).  Kira said she would wear her shirt the next day (she didn't).  Ben wasn't sure about his shirt until I reminded him that he picked it with mamaw.  Oh, okay.  I was glad he wore it!  Kira, on the other hand, is not a very grateful child and will be a lot less likely to get me to make her anything else.  I think I'll stick to my baby and preschoolers!  They're a lot more fun!  Although in all reality we're having Kira tested to see if she has something else going on and she does, but still don't know for sure what.  They want to see her a few times before labelling her, which is fine by me!  She cried on the way home from school because she had five minutes of recess taken away and they only get 15 minutes!  I'm still upset about that.  I understand the whole punishing a kiddo for talking (because Kira absolutely has a hard time listening), but taking away recess is a no-go for me.  I think she should have had to do something to help the teacher instead.  Personal opinion.  
Leah is talking a ton now!  And today before her bath, she said she had to go potty!  She needed the soft potty seat and a book, but she went!  Woohoo!  I'm very proud!
Meanwhile, Cecilia started crawling!  She does a little hop and may launch herself forward, and then military crawl, but she gets around!
Scott got a job at school which thrills me!  He'll be doing maintenance on Wednesdays and Fridays.  I have a very full class schedule and am very excited to start into more real classes.  Especially my basic drawing class!  I have been very impatiently waiting to take this class and made sure that I put it first and then added the other ones!  I really am excited!  I also just ordered a Cricut on ebay, plus bought some crafty stuff and will hopefully be able to make things occassionally in the hopes of opening a store online by December.  That's the plan.  We'll see how it goes!

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