Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Oh, Tuesdays...  Why do you have to be so busy?  Here's my day:
6:26-We hear Cecilia crying in the hall.  What!  Save the baby!  Scott brings her to me to eat.
6:27-Scott turns to me and asks if I set the alarm.  Yes, to go off in three minutes.  I try to go back to sleep.
7:30-I wake up and make sure Ben got his medicine and we have family prayer before Scott leaves.
8:20-Scott comes home (he had to drop a class that he didn't want to take) and I manage to scarf down some food as I top Cecilia off.  I check my email to find I have a review/giveaway due today, so quickly throw that online while Kira keeps telling me that we need to go.  I know! 
8:40-AAhhhhh!!!  Hurry to get out of the house.  Why are Ben's pants on backwards??  Make the kids run as Ben yells about having to hurry to school.  It doesn't make me happy!  (I couldn't tell.)  I let them walk the last block and take off on my bike.
8:55-Get to school and get my big ol' Art packet out of a locker to head up to my Basic Drawing class.
9:00-Basic Drawing begins.  We had to bring a unique item, so I brought my "Pregnant Pitcher," which manages to fall off my bench and breaks its arm off.  It's almost ten years old and I manage to break it in Art class.  Sheesh.
11:40-After repeatedly drawing my now broken pitcher and a group of items(mailbox, luggage, wine bottle and water container) over and over in squeaky charcoal, we can leave!  I put the stuff back in the locker and bike home.
12:00-I feed the baby as fast as I can and drink at least half a bottle of water.
12:20-Oh no!  Bike back to school for my IT class.  I get there right on the dot!
12:30-IT class and I'm thirsty and starving!  I drink water and chew gum until she lets us go, ten minutes early too!
1:50-Bike home in the 102 degree heat.  Bad car drivers!  Aaahhhh!!!!
2:05-get home.  Feed the baby and Scott helps me make my "lunch."  I finally got to eat!
3:15-drive Scott to school, because we can't pull five kids in a bike trailer.  Go straight home, because I forgot to make Kira a paper Zoey in my Cricut.  Work fast, but still only get half done!  Leah is asleep, so I have to bring the stroller too!
3:45-try to leave to get Ben and Kira from school, but it takes me another five minutes to even get out of the house!  So, I'm late picking them up. 
4:00-get back home with a very whiney Kira (Why do we have to ride in the car, it's so hot, I wish I could walk...) and have to finish Zoey FAST, so I work on that instead of figuring out things!
4:35-leave with the kids to go to school and swap out with Scott.  Luckily he carries around a schedule, so he could tell me where I needed to go!
5:00-go to Music Teacher class, see two women from church, FUN!  I like this class a lot, but am glad it's only once a week!
6:40-class ends and I wait for Scott and the kids to get me.  I call to let them know we got out early and Kira tells me to wait where they dropped me off.  A seven-year-old bossing me around.  Yeah.
6:50sh-They show up and we go to the nearest grocery store.  It's expensive, but I'm Stah-ving!  So, I get food and we came home.
7:30-make French bread pizza, so I can eat dinner.  Have to put the kids to bed after a couple bites.  Bummer!  I sing to the girls and Leah gives me a very sweet peck on my cheek!  She loves her hug and kiss!  So, do the other girls, but it's new for Leah.
8:00-Watch "What not to wear" as I finish my whole half of the french bread.  I was so hungry!
9:00-finally feed Cecilia enough, so she goes to sleep.  Phew!  Ben is still awake, so I can finally trim his nails.  He was proud of me for being careful.  Good news!
Now, exhausted, Ben is still wide awake and I'm still super thirsty.  Good times at the Westhoffs!  This may seem kinda crazy, but oh so much better that my friend's day!  She had to have surgery for a very sad reason and I was super worried about her!  I'm so glad that she's okay and that the Relief Society steps up with no problem, so she was well taken care of!  I still want to send them a pizza though.  Their Pizza Hut is online, so I can order it from here...  I did send her a present via Amazon, so hopefully she gets that soon.  It shipped today.  I figure she needs something after going through all that she has!  That and I love buying presents and her birthday is coming up...


  1. Wow! I was worn out about 1/4 of the way through your day! You are amazing!

  2. Luckily, it's only on Tuesdays! I'm not amazing, I'm a "survivor." Or maybe just crazy.