Sunday, April 7, 2013

Let the countdown begin!

I LOVE being a student teacher, but I'm counting down to graduation!  I graduate on May 12th!  I'm super excited!  I've already bought my graduation gown (it was $5 at the Thrift Store)!  And I ordered my cap, tassel and honor cords (because I have good enough grades)!  I won't be sending out graduation announcements or anything (it was $70 for just 25), but it doesn't take away from my excitement of finally graduating!  It's been a long twelve year journey and I'm so incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped me make it this far!  I wouldn't be almost done if it weren't for the many times my family and awesome friends were able to help me out (sometimes last minute)!  Having six kiddos is hard in general, but there's no way I would be graduating and be a mom without all the help!  I know that Heavenly Father has blessed us immensely as we have went to school and I have no doubts that we have tried to do His will and that he'll help me/us get the job(s) that we need!  My kiddos have had to take a back burner some days and put up with a lot of easy dinners (sometimes late) and help out more with chores.  They help me out (sometimes) and I'm so glad that I'm able to show them how important getting an education really is!  Now, here's hoping I'm able to get a job quickly, so we can start paying off mounting bills!
I LOVE all of the cool teaching blogs that give me great ideas and templates (etc) and right now there's a huge link up here.
In the meantime, I try to do something really fun with my kids at least once a month (I already told you my poor kids had a back burner) and some months have more fun things than others!  Last month was a fantastic month for them!  This month, so far, they have got to hang out with lots of cousins, see baby ladybugs, and fly kites.  They were excited!
The bad news is that our washer isn't spinning again and Scott's car battery died.  
The good news is that my dad kindly paid for a new battery!  Then my sisters were kind enough to take most of our kids!  I got to sleep in this morning, which was awesome after the 4:30 wake up.  I'm full-time teaching and loving it!  I have an awesome mentor (just like last semester)!  My principal observed me a month (or so) ago and when we conferenced on Friday, she said I did really well!  Phew!  And I'm getting better all of the time!  At least, I'd like to think so!

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