Sunday, October 13, 2013


Picture catch up, woohoo!
All of my family at the Parade for Homecoming.
 Josh was completely confused.  This is it?
 He likes trucks though!
 Riding the "train" at the OzFest.  Very ingeniously made!  It's hand carts with open barrels on top.  Inside the barrel is a little wooden seat.  My kiddos loved it!  They finished their free snow cone son their ride!
 Then we went in the "Land of Oz"

 This was right after Emma was feeling the hand of what she thought was a mannequin (the Tin Man).  He wasn't.  She was surprised.  I just laughed!

 There's no place like home!
 Check out this cool dress!  Kira totally wants me to make her one!
 Ben LOVES the arrowheads!  I see a collection starting!
 In Dorothy's house, made to look like her house in the movie.
 It even includes Toto's wagon bed.
 My kiddos that love sucking their fingers.  We're working on it.
 Ben sifting flour.  "This is loud!"
 Josh never minds "cheese!"
 The egg hatchery.
 One happy lil' man on the swing!
Cecilia had so much fun pushing him!  They were both giggling and it was super sweet!  Ben had pushed Cecilia on the regular swing and she came over to push Josh when she was done!

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