Saturday, October 19, 2013

Scott got a job!

To add to the fun that is the week before Parent Teacher Conferences-Scott got a job!  So, I had to scramble to find a babysitter in this land of strangers.  We found someone and interviewed her on Thursday (on my lunch).  So long as everything goes well, she will continue being the babysitter for five weeks.  That's how long his job is.  I'm hoping this gives him the opportunity to make money and up his self-esteem, along with the kids not being home to mess it up so much (so maybe I'll get more sleep, hey!  I can hope).  I was up until three this morning putting in scores for report cards.  By the end, I was looking at everything crazy, so I was glad to be done!
We're still looking for a house and still nothing in our price and size range (we need at least four bedrooms)!  There's one that's above our price range, so I'm watching to see if they're willing to go down at all.  I check at least once a week, because I know Heavenly Father will help us find a house that will fit all of us in a safe place here!
We didn't do anything super cool.  Mainly because my kiddos have gone Hash-baz and destruction has happened.  Someone cracked the screen of my Kindle (which thankfully still works).  Josh pulled the tv on top of his head and completely broke the tv and HDMI cable (he's fine, the tv weighs less than he does).  Cecilia put vaporub all over our bathroom counter, using Scott's comb.  She also poured paint all over Kira's dresser, the windowsill and the wall.  Cecilia and Leah together poured baby lotion all over my floor and on the foot of my bed.  Leah lost a baby turtle in her room, so I painstakingly searched it for about two hours (I found three loads of dirty clothes under my girls' beds) and she's okay!  Poor turtle!  Then the next day Cecilia took the other turtle out and put him under our bed.  Kira found him without a problem.  So, we've been busy doing less fun things.  Like laundry and dishes and scrubbing walls, and cleaning kids' rooms.  Next weekend is going to be fun though!  We're going to Garden City!  I've got a RS activity and Scott is going to take the kids to the zoo there!  Fun times!
I'm hoping all goes well this next five weeks!  For all of us!

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