Sunday, January 11, 2015

Back to real life

It was sad to give up time off, but I was super glad to see my students again!  I've done a pretty good job being excited almost all week!  I may miss my kids at home, but I miss my kids at school too!  Especially when they tell me that they hope I'll move up to 4th grade, so they can have me again.  Or hug me and tell me that I'm their favorite teacher.  So sweet!  Then my donors choose project got funded this week!  I am so enthused!  We're talking $800 in supplies that my class is getting for free thanks to generous donors (Staples gave us $500 with their #morejoy campaign)!  I'm very grateful!  I just got another email with the tracking info and it should be here on Wednesday!  Hurray!  I went to an awesome meeting on Thursday night and learned more about Hope in Christ.  Then I got to hang out with my family and talk for a couple hours before coming home.
Yesterday my baby sister and I went shopping for baby clothes.  It was great having another adult with me at the Baby Buck Sale.  She only spent $20 and I spent $31 and got a trash bag full of clothes, including Cars pjs for Josh, 8 pairs of jeans, a snow cover up, pjs, shirts, sweaters, a suit coat and pants for Samuel.
We didn't get much done (we packed a few boxes), but the kids go to play with their cousins while their parents went on their anniversary date.  So a good day!

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