Sunday, January 18, 2015

Beautiful weather

I love it when for a few days we have warm weather!  It gives the kids a chance to play outside.  They love it!  I love updating the individual kiddo pics!  They have tomorrow off of school, so they'll get to play outside tomorrow too!  Hurray!
It's been a great week!  We got groceries and gas, plus my school kiddos had a second Christmas!  The school paid for sumdog subscriptions, so now I can check reports and make tests on sumdog!  Plus my Donorschoose stuff came in!  Now my students have tons of games and manipulatives!  They're pretty excited!  It's awesome!
The sad news is that my Dad isn't doing very well.  It seems his ALS is progressing very rapidly!  We're still hopeful though!  We're praying he gets onto the clinicals that he just was tested for!  And that he doesn't get the placebo.  He's having a hard time talking, so I felt prompted to ask my mom if it could be an allergy.  She asked Mandy and it could, so he went off of the herbs that he didn't like anyway.  I'm desperately hoping that it will at least help his talking!
Yesterday we were visiting and Mom had told my brother to call, just in case Dad couldn't talk again.  By the end of the call Dad was sobbing, so most of us were crying.  Mom told me that it could be my last chance to get a blessing from my Dad, and I started crying more.  We were getting ready to leave already, and I really couldn't handle the thought, so we left.  We had a good visit though!  It was my new brother-in-law's birthday, so we got to celebrate it!  Good times!

 Josh still loves his Cheeto (the balloon we brought home for him from Noon Year's Eve).
Samuel loves his mama!

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