Sunday, June 5, 2016

Very busy

I haven't had access to my laptop, because it broke and it was next to impossible to post on my old phone, so I just didn't do it!
Since my last post I've lost an uncle and an aunt (both on my dad's side), finished up the school year, started teaching summer school, and started going to softball with Emma (I'm not a real coach, just hanging out most of the time).  My baby is almost 4 months old!  He's almost rolling over regularly!  He's getting so big!
Samuel is now repeating scriptures after us and he talks a lot!  Especially about Star Wars!  It's super cute!  He turned two and is trying to potty train himself.
Josh is not being the good example that he used to be.  But, he is quick to say: "Sorry bout that!"
Cecilia is very excited for Kindergarten!  She is pretty awesome at the basics and I'm going to start work on sight words.  She's ready!
Leah is going to summer school with me and she loves it!  Her friends are there and she makes new friends really easy!  She is my social butterfly that wants to have fun!
Emma is in softball, which is brand new to her, and she's not picking it up as fast as she would like!  She's hit the ball though and she's learning!  She's anxious to start school with me as her teacher!
Kira earned her letter and a lot of pins thanks to all she did and how well she did it!  She rocked the 75m hurdles and the 200!  She loves to run!  She's super helpful for me!
Ben is very much a typical (always hungry) teenage boy!  He's having to relearn things that I thought he knew...  He just got called as the Deacon's Quorum President!
Scott is doing temp work renovating a hotel.  He really enjoys the work!
This month is super busy, but it will be lots of fun!
Next month, we're hoping to vacation a few days!  We'll see how it goes!

Cecilia's graduating preschool class

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