Sunday, August 28, 2016

Big girls' room

Kira and Emma picked mountains, with a chevron wall.  They had a picture in mind, but kept changing things.  So, I went with it and the cheap mistints we got.  I didn't want to spend that much on paint!
 It was originally a huge pink wall, like the boys' room.  First we taped off the "chevron" and the sky.  We painted all the blue.  Then we added some white to the blue and as we were sponging it on, Kira made it tie-dyed and loved it.  Good times.  
 Kira did the pink, with Emma following behind with purple and I blended it.
 Looking craggy, right?
 The random dark lines for the mountains.

 Changing up the mistint more blue.

 Then we added brown and blue to make it darker.  And a dark brown mistint for the trees at the bottom.
 Kira adding the sun.
 Behind the big dresser.
 Next to Emma's bed.
And next to Kira's bed,

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