Sunday, August 28, 2016

New House

We have a new house!  We also now have internet and school has started!  Lots of stuff going on!  Here's pictures of our fun stuff and I'll do another few posts on my kids' mural walls!

 Conferences begin
 Fun at the Pool

 Ben did the water slides, lots of times!
 Kira's big splash
 Danny loved it!
 My class before we started

 He loves his cousin!
 Before the dye
 After our hair dying party.
 Kira shaved Ben's mustache for the first time
 He trusts her so much!
 Kira's first Jello cake.

 Waiting for sports physicals

 Rewards after, they had to get a shot.
 My Superhero owls
 I love this tree!
 We have a house!
 All of us on our front porch
 The rainbow in the sky after we left our new house.
 Celebration cheesecake, we have a house!
 Date night
 Cute little Jaguars fan
 At the Staff Social
 Poor "starving" Ben

 Life is great!
 First Day of School picture

 Lunch visitor the first day
 Ready for his first day!
 She rocked the first day of Kindergarten!
 Our first meal at our table in the new house, thanks to our moms and sisters for all of their help on the first day of school!
 Getting the tv up
 Awesome rain storm

 Fun walk!

 Beautiful sunset behind our house

 He's a thumb sucker
 At a friend's amazing art show

 Cross Country team

 Cool clouds
 We all love Pokemon Go walks!
 He's crawling with his 6 teeth!

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