Thursday, May 28, 2009

Share and Share alike

So yesterday I gave in and called the Bus Barn and I don't have work for the summer. Bummer! I was counting on it and really shouldn't have, obviously. Scott took Ben in for his introductory dentist appointment and he has to get a physical first and then they'll put him to sleep to get everything done! I'm scared, and it's not even me! The good news is that Scott got a temp job that's supposed to last two weeks, so we'll be able to go a little longer without getting into our meager savings! I'm really looking forward to moving to Wichita next year! It'll be good to shake things up! Now to clean more. I got the basement half done and I already have a bunch of stuff to sell! I'm thinking about giving away my kids' toys as gifts with purchase! Hehehe! Here's hoping it won't rain!

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