Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Sunday!

So, today has been a good day!  None of my kids have walked out in front of cars (Emma did yesterday).  I got enough sleep (Leah slept from 10-6).  We had yummy doughnuts for breakfast, no one drowned in the bathtub, we all looked nice and we were even 10 minutes early to church!  Leah barely made it through the actual Sacrament.  So, she ate throughout the meeting.  Luckily, Scott's mom was sitting there with the older kids, since Scott was translating.  Emma didn't even make a mess in the mother's lounge!  Poor Leah is cranky though!  She has a little fever and couldn't make it long between feedings.  She's so cute that I don't mind terribly.  I feel bad for her! 

 I made a huge bierrock and a stuffed bread with hamburger in it.  It was very yummy!  I get bored with the roast and potatoes every Sunday!  Mom and I made a deal that if I made dinner every Sunday, she would buy diapers!  I'm all for it! 

Emma is so stinking cute!  It's hard to reprimand kiddos that are cute, but it has to be done!  She would love Leah off a cliff!  She's wearing an adorable dress that my mom bought at a garage sale!  It's even stayed mostly white, which is amazing considering what Emma eats!

I got to talk to my sisters today.  Always fun, since we talk about once a week!  I love my sisters and my kiddos sure love them too!

Right now Ben is holding Emma's feet way up and calling her a wagon carrier (I think he means a wheelbarrow)!  He keeps wanting to pick her nose.  Yuck!

I'm just about ready for the new week.  We're going to try the garage sale thing this weekend.  I needed more time to go through everything!  I figure I'll need lots of tables in order to put everything out!

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