Friday, May 29, 2009

Why do I smell poop?

Probably because Emma, while potty training, does really well getting to the potty (as long as we're watching her) when she has to pee, but for poop, she prefers the floor! Gross! So, Scott cleaned up that mess and I cleaned her up. She still smells though! The good news is that the White-out she put on our wood floors came right off with WD-40! Who needs white-out? Another thing to add to my list of things that can't be in my house! My mom took Emma off our hands for an hour and a half which was nice! Scott and I got the place looking considerably better before the Mary Kay lady showed to give me my free facial. Sam came over to do a facial with me, so I wasn't alone. It took about thirty minutes and she hightailed it out of here, since she could tell we weren't going to buy anything. As a matter of fact, my face is starting to itch now! I'll probably wash it off soon, even if it does look nice!
I was up late last night, as usual and so I watched another episode of "While You Were Out." One of the coolest things I've seen them do was the huge flower picture that has a part that folds out with a cup holder inside. I just wanted to do a huge picture, since I've had this 4 by 5 foot canvas for a while now. So, I downloaded some software and scanned in the picture of us (tiny) in front of the Temple we were married at. Then I figured out dimensions and cropped a little. I got a whole bunch of white cardstock out, turned it grayscale and started printing. Seven pages from the end, it went blue and green, so I had no more black ink! Due to our finances we shouldn't spend money that isn't necessary, so I'm stuck with a 4/5 printed poster that my husband doesn't even like the idea of! I put it together and I think it looks cool, but I'm not the only one who lives here. Another project bites the dust!

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