Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another day of cleaning

And I'm putting it off!  I know, spending all day crafting doesn't clean the house, but why can no one else figure out how to clean if I'm not doing it?  I don't get it.  Then I've got a sick Ben again.  I guess yesterday well was a fluke.  But, it was good that he got a little break at least!  Especially since my sister's friend interviewed him last night.  He did really well!  He cracks me up when he's well!  Saying things like, "I'm full of questions!"  This morning as we were listening to Scripture Stories, he started crying.  I asked what was wrong and he sobbed out, "I don't think I'll be resurrected!  I'm not faithful enough and I can't follow the commandments!"  I told him it was okay, that he's not expected to be perfect and reminded him that he just has to not lie and obey his parents.  Then he started crying more, "I can't do that!" Poor kiddo!  So, we talked about repentance and he stopped crying, so hopefully he understands!  I woke up this morning to Kira screaming (for lack of a better word) out make believe songs.  I came downstairs to find her with earplugs in her ears, that were plugged into the computer.  She was pretending to listen to music!  Emma got a scratch on her chest and just told me that she didn't want it to feel better.  She wants it to bleed a little bit.  Leah wants to take control of the computer!  Always!  Kids are so interesting.  If only they were cleaner!   

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