Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our little vacation

We got to take a break and go up to my parents' house in Olathe for a few days!  We got to hang out with friends.  I got to go to Super Saturday, and I learned how to make little boy ties, a plaque, a book wreath, and tutus (though I already knew how to make those).  So, lots of fun!  Scott and I even got to go on a date, and we played Blokus with our friends.  I sure do miss my friends!  We went to church with my mom, so Emma amd Leah got to go to Nursery with her.  They were excited!  We stayed another night, so that Scott could figure out what was going on with the old place.  No good news there.  Ben's bad habits led to the whole closet had to be torn out and redone (which of course they didn't do until way later).  And they still have to replace the back door, and clean out the vents.  Sheesh!  I'm very disappointed that we're not getting any money back, but I'm hoping we don't end up paying them more money!  The place looks great though.  With the all new flooring in the kitchen and bathroom (so now all the linoleum floors match.  How nice for them).  All new vent covers.  Beautiful paint and etc.  I'm glad someone gets the place looking nice, since we certainly didn't.  The good news is that we made it back with time for me to get to my test and talk beforehand,s o I knew what I was doing!  It took me less than an hour!  And then walking to my car, there were a couple of guys pushing their car up a hill, so I got to help with that.  Luckily, that helped two other guys stop and help.  It wasn't easy.  The other good news was that we got our new Drivers' Licenses and I got a scholarship!  For $700!  It'll be $350 fall semester and $350 in the spring!  So, that will help pay for books!  Hurray!  Now, I seriously need to clean, because I have a visiting teacher and possbly the Elders coming later. 

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