Sunday, July 11, 2010

Being a mom

Today I have been thinking of the responsibility I have being a mom.  It's amazing!  I'm in charge (with help from my husband) to help my children grow into capable adults.  WOW!  Everyday I need to feed, dress, and take care of my children.  And that's just the basics.  I also need to help them understand who they are, as children of a loving Heavenly Father, and of course, my children.  I help them try new things and find what they excel at, and encourage them to become better in those things and things they may not be as good at.  I'm the one who reads with them and gets them excited about learning.  I'm the one who teaches them the things they want to know about (a lot through researching on the internet).  I find good clothes for them that fit and last, and hopefully are fashionable enough that they aren't teased at school.  I buy them the things they need and sometimes things they want.  I find PBS shows on DVD, so even if we can't get the tv station, they are still able to watch their favorite educational shows.  Every once in awhile I play games with them, so they learn the art of taking turns and not being mean winners or losers.  I feed them different foods, so they try new things out, and if they don't like it, then I get to make something basic that they will eat.  Sometimes this takes a lot of creativity!  I get to learn how to do fun crafts with my kids and for my kids.  They all love to paint, like me, which can be very messy and expensive (like when my husband uses my oil paints to paint a birdhouse).  I have learned how to make cute hair bows, clips, and tutus.  I love having girls!  Not that I'm not hoping for a boy, because I am!  I get to take pictures of my kids, do videos of them doing funny things (like making a miniature Wipeout zone, or talking about a stinky diaper), and write in their journals when they do something memorable, or when something big happens at home.  I try to help them see extended family members so they know that family is love.  I clean the house, when I'm lucky I have HELP!  I put the baby down for naps and take care of kids when they're sick.  Who do they sleep with when they have nightmares or aren't feeling good?  Me!  Last night I had Emma sleeping at the head of the bed (on the floor). Leah in bed with me, and then Ben climbed in after I put Leah back to bed.  All at 3 in the morning.  So, I lose sleep to help my children too!    I make sure they do their homework, get to school on time, get picked up from school, and having lunch!  I help potty train, change tons of diapers, and breastfeed my baby.  It's hard work being a mom!  Then you add in the being a wife first, and being a person kinda slides.  I'm bad about reading in order to get a break.  Especially when I'm feeling nauseous or tired!  It's just nice to "live" somewhere else, where the house stays clean.  At least it does in my imagination.  Either way, I love being a mom, wife, daughter, sister, student und so weiter und so vort.  I wouldn't change it for anything!

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