Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And so on and so forth!

We just had an amazingly fun (and LOOONG) weekend!  I'm just now recuperating enough to write about it!  We headed up and across to St Louis on Friday after Scott and the kids got home from school.  We got there about 11!  And most of the kids were still awake!  So, of course, they were excited to be at the hotel and had a hard time going to sleep.  Especially Leah, who I finally begged long enough to get her to sleep at 12:30.  In the morning we got our free breakfast (love Marriot) and headed out.  Scott went to the Temple and my dad and I took the kids to the Zoo.  Leah and my dad had never been to the St Louis Zoo (and technically they still haven't seen most of the zoo, since it took us too long to get there).  My dad had never even seen penguins before, so it was fun to see how excited he was!  Our favorite place was the Butterfly Room!  I LOVE it!  The kids loved having butterflies everywhere.  Kira, my dad and I all had butterflies land on us.  I got a lot of great pictures!  I may have a butterfly room here!  After our whirlwind trip through the zoo, we picked up Scott for lunch, ate fast (just us, turns out the kids didn't get fed lunch), and Scott and I went back to the Temple.  Which was awesome!  It was so good that I managed to keep my calm until Monday (and then with how Emma was behaving, I really can't be blamed) through the long trip back!  Scott and I got to go together to the session, which was the best part!  It's been a long time!  We really enjoyed the peace that Temple Attendance brings.  Though I had a curious incident in the Celestial Room afterwards when a lady came up to me and asked me when I was due.  I told her January 1st and she asked me if I was having twins.  Why does everyone keep asking me that?  She said, maybe one is hiding.  I doubt that the ultrasound technician would have not noticed!  Though it would be an interesting surprise (since I'm not ready for two babies).  So, now I'm considering making a shirt that says, "It's not twins, please don't comment on my belly size."  My kids are slowly growing up, and they are alternately hilarious, loving or terrors.  Emma has preferred the terror phase.  She keeps hurting Leah and wasting things.  I had bought the vinyl to make a Family Home Evening sign and she applied it to random sheets of paper.  She dumped the laundry detergent down the sink, put hand soap all over her bed and on two pieces of clothing (one being a onesie for the baby), has poured out food coloring all over her sheet, carpet and paper, is fantastic at wasting computer paper and manages to never eat what she is just dying to eat!  Then she will do something bad and I'll tell her it's bad, and maybe five minutes later she loves me again and makes pictures for me.  So, yeah, 3 year olds exhaust me with all the flip flopping!  Luckily Leah is still in the cute cuddly stage.  And Kira and Ben can do a lot by themselves.  I love that Ben can sit and read a book!  LOVE it!  And they aren't begging for tv as much, which is nice too!  So, yeah, that's my family life in a nutshell, school is a whole 'nother can of worms.  Enough said!

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