Saturday, October 23, 2010

My brother is back!

Right after school on Thursday, we finished up packing, told Scott bye and headed up to Olathe.  We got there and played at the park for a little while, then on to the house, and soon after to the airport!  they were early, so we were rushing to get there in time and we did!  Not that the kids held the signs up right, but it was still pretty cute!  Emma was holding the Chris sign backwards(Together they were supposed to say: Welcome Home Chris, Kim and Sam), which just had her name.  It worked, since she chopped her hair since everyone had seen her, so she needed a name tag!  It was so great to see my siblings again!  We didn't get a picture together, but now we can!  I'm hoping to do a family picture after Cecilia is born!  When I'm not so huge.  And the family is more complete.  Anyway, back to Chris.  So, they were 30 minutes early, so the whole group wasn't there yet.  They got Chris' luggage before Mandy showed up, so she met up with him at the curb.  Then Brother Foster and later Bill, Laura and Alexis showed up in the parking lot.  We went back to the house and had dinner.  We were all up late, though Sam and Chris stayed up the latest, the sillies!  We had a Wal-mart run at midnight.  I guess it's a tradition.  I had to get shoes for Ben, since he decided to wear not only two mismatching shoes, but the same foot.  So, his foot was really hurting him!  It was about time for some new shoes anyway.  I got to bed after one, but they stayed up until 4!  Yikes!  On Friday (I missed classes, but the kids were out of school) we went to the KC Zoo!  I am pretty sure that the last time I went was when Scott and I were dating (and we didn't go in, just walked around the outside).  It was all new to me!  We stayed for awhile, to see as much as we could before starving!  After all of that walking I was miserable.  I have a cold, plus I'm HUGE, and my Active Living class yesterday completely wore me out.  So, yeah, we didn't make it through all of Africa.  It didn't help that it started pouring as we started in Africa!  Luckily, they had mercy on us and paid for us to ride the Tram back to the front gate!  Leah actually went to Chris which was very exciting!  We went and ate at Arby's afterward, since we were hungry and it's expensive to eat in the zoo!  Then we went back to the house for the kids to change into their swimsuits and go swimming at the hotel (though I did stop at Children's Orchard first, it has completely changed)!  I lasted maybe 30 minutes before I couldn't take the adrenalin rushes (Leah stepped off the side into the water, while I was holding onto Emma, and Aunt Jan and I caught her).  Sheesh!  It was too hard with the three of us adults (though Chris did very well with Emma and Leah), and five kids!  So, we went back and had dinner.  I put the kids to bed and we watched Iron Man to prep for Iron Man 2.  I didn't like it.  It was supposed to be a good movie for Chris to watch as his first movie home.  We were up till one watching it.  Family time.  My kids slept in some, and mom cooked them breakfast, so I had time to pack everything up, and we could hightail it back home.   We weren't too late!  I took the little girls with me to the Park Meeting and Scott took the older two to the Primary Program practice.  After our meeting we went to a garage sale that I saw on the way in.  I got some stuff for Cecilia.  Now, it's been a long day, but it's great to be home!  Scott even let me take an hour nap!  Nice! 

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