Friday, October 29, 2010

Manhattan, here we come!

So, it looks like we'll be moving to Manhattan next summer.  Last week Scott felt impressed to start looking at other jobs that would be more interesting to him.  So, we started looking at different school in Kansas and found that K-State has the only School of Agriculture in the State and it's very well-known!  Even cooler is the fact that they have different majors in the horticulture field.  Scott was practically drooling just looking at the classes he would have to take!  Then I started looking at their Elementary Ed Program, and I might get done a whole semester earlier!  Woohoo!  They don't have a ridiculous amount of classes that are worthless to take.  Hurrah for K-State!  Of course, this will be my fourth school, but I think that this is a great fit and since we got the go-ahead from Heavenly Father, we're starting to make plans.  Don't get me wrong, Emporia is a great place, but it's so not my favorite!  I've had a very hard time adjusting to life here and it isn't a place I want to stay at forever.  I've been working on getting a real park in my neighborhood and everyone talks about what a great idea it is, but I only have four people helping me get funding together.  It's ridiculous!  I feel like I'm taking too much on myself, but can't do anything about it, since who's going to take up my slack?  That's my little rant.  Now on to happier things.  Like Scott mentioned this morning, I should probably start considering the packing of my labor bag, since I have about 2 months to go!  I told him that since I can walk to the hospital, and my labors are looooong, that I could probably pack the bag when I go into labor.  Not that I will, but it is there as an option!  I'm still praying that I get through finals.  She can come anytime after my last final!  Watch, I'll go super long.  I can hope not!  I'm already having to concentrate to not waddle!  So, yeah, fun times at the Westhoffs!

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