Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another couple of weeks gone

Yesterday I was feeling the urge to start getting organized.  I was surprised, since usually that hits about two months out.  Obviously school has been keeping me busy!  I was in a parade on Thursday, as one of the Scout leaders.  I got to ride in a Humvee and shamelessly promote my Walnut Park Group.  Scott had all of the kids (poor guy), so he didn't even get to see me!  They got cold and tired, so had to leave!  I don't blame them at all!  It was COLD!  The good news was that we didn't have school on Thursday and the kids didn't have school on Friday either!  Lucky kids.  I had a big math test, that I'm pretty sure I did at least a B's amount of work on. 
Scott is sick and the girls had fevers, that quickly went away.  Just lots of crankiness!  I do NOT like crankiness!  Probably because I have so much of it!
We headed up to Olathe, to celebrate my dad's birthday, but he had meetings.  So, really I was able to give him his birthday present and talk a little before he left.  Chris so kindly watched over Ben and Kira while mom and I took the younger girls shopping with us.  We went to the Book Sale at the Library, Michael's, Ulta, Party City, Chic-fil-a, and Children's Orchard.  Instead of making the girls all matching skirts to match Cecilia's blessing dress, I bought the girls jean skirts and white shirts, and cecilia has a white dress that I'm going to change up some.  So, now I'm going to wait for my lace to come in and I'm going to use that and some ribbon to dress up the outfits and make matching hair bows.  That will do, I hope!  I'm trying to make life easier, instead of incredibly hard.  I don't really know how to sew THAT well!  Speaking of Cecilia though, I have her going home outfit now!  Leah picked the sweater, so I grabbed the matching jeans and we already had two shirts at home that would match, so the hard part is choosing which shirt for her to come home in.  I've got her clothes in drawers, diapers and wipes stored, and her bed next to mine.  Now I just wait a couple of months to meet her!
I am so grateful for the chance I have to become a better mom!  I'm learning, that's for sure!

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