Sunday, April 24, 2011

A fun Easter weekend

I love that the Elementary school was out on Friday and on Monday, so 4 day weekend for them.  Too bad we still had school!  Oh well!  We didn't do much on Friday, but Kira had a playdate with a friend from church.  The super cool thing about this friend is that we have known her since she was a baby!  And we were at her parents' wedding reception!  A very fun thing in this small town that we moved to almost a year ago!  Technically, we're in-law in-laws, because her dad's twin brother is my brother-in-law (he married my husband's sister).  Anyway, that was fun, because I got to hang out and talk with her mom who is awesome!  She likes my Temple hairclip idea, so I'm going to do it (in the next couple of weeks).  I wanted to work on it on Friday night, but Scott wanted me to go to bed earlier.  I'm a night owl, especially on weekends when I have a possibility of "sleeping in!"  So, instead I made something else, that wouldn't take long or special equipment.  See?  I personally think it turned out pretty well, since I didn't have instructions!

Nice, huh?  You put the amount of "eggs" as children.  So, this one is for someone with 6 kids.  Anyway.  I had to include this picture from Cub Scouts last Wednesday.
Funny kiddo.  He couldn't find his shoes quickly and my "All lost items locator" wasn't functioning up-to-par, so he wore these.  It's hard to lose them!

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