Sunday, April 24, 2011


 At church
 Before church
 Emma can never be far from Cecilia
Her First Easter and first bunny!
Yes, I know, three blog posts in one day.  But, so many pictures were taken it was ridiculous!  Sorry.  This morning I slept in some, because Cecilia kept me up until 10 and then Leah was up until after midnight.  Sheesh!  I'm still tired!  Not as tired as my poor Nursery Co-Leader.  She works as a nurse and got off at 7 this morning.  So, she'd been up 30 hours!  I feel blessed to have gotten my seven!  We were late to church, but we made it!  Leah was quite the character today.  I'm glad she's in "my" class!  That way I could try to keep her away from people.  We took some kiddo pictures before leaving.  The first picture was taken in the hall at church.  We came home, had lunch and I took the Cecilia's pictures.  Then I made 2 loaves of banana nut bread, 24 cupcakes (that Kira frosted) and 24 cookies.  Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?  Obviously I'm trying to keep fat in my bones!  I have plans for a very yummy dinner tonight.  I will just make it a little later than usual, since Scott's going hometeaching and he just ate a bunch of snacks after his nap.  I'm excited for dinner!

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