Monday, April 11, 2011

Great day yesterday (and today)

Yesterday was a pretty big day at our house and we had even prepared by cleaning the main floor of our house and Scott even steam cleaned the floor!  We went to church and walked in as the first hymn was being sung!  Scott was able to give a name and blessing to our adorable baby girl, Cecilia Marie Westhoff.  It was a very small circle, because Scott forgot to ask anyone to be in the circle.  So, it was him, my dad, my brother Bill and Brother Cayton.  And Cecilia was wearing a dress that my fellow Nursery teacher gave me!  Ann, if you ever read this, know that you are AWESOME!  I had added lace to a dress and my girls' skirts and matching bows, but that dress was way too small for my well-fed baby!  Here's my pretty baby in her dress:
 That Ann so kindly gave me!
 And our family all together after church.  Notice the matching lace?
 Kira and I on our bowling "date."  We had bumpers up and still Kira got a 67 and I got a 77.  Yeah, I stunk.  This was her first time and she said, "This isn't like the Wii game."  Imagine!
 In our flowers
 Ben and Cecilia before I cut his hair on Saturday
 Emma posing

 Kira eating the first bite
 Ben eating lunch with me at school
 Kira was on the other side
 The cupcakes.  It's supposed to look like a ring.  You can see it, right?  Luckily I made cupcakes, because I wasn't thinking about the fact that I have a big family and didn't have enough plates, forks or spoons!  I also didn't make enough spaghetti the first time, so I needed to make another batch, and had salad out of a bag.  I was planning on making rolls, but forgot that they needed to rise.  So, we had them for dinner.  After everyone left.  Good times!  Luckily, I had family willing (and able) to eat spaghetti and salad with a spoon or wait their turn.  I washed dishes and my mom dried them.  The dishwasher isn't fast enough.  It worked out okay though!  Kira got a ton of presents that she didn't seem to appreciate yesterday, but LOVES today!  Mandy-she wore every one of the bracelets you gave her and hasn't taken them off.  Sam-she was wearing one of the shirts you got her.  Mom-she colored on the Princess desk sheets.  Kim-she played with the dolls and she's now more modest (Emma played with hers too and Ben can't stand being far from his whale and dolphin).  So, even though she wasn't near as appreciative as she should have been, THANKS!
 Me and Emma
Emma having ice cream on our "date," because she has gone potty so well for over 2 weeks!  So, she got a kids' meal and a big ice cream cone.
Sorry, no Leah pictures.  Strange!  It might have something to do with the fact that Emma told her markers are for makeup.  So, she has quite the decorated body!
Today was fun, because I got a ton of diapers and wipes in!  Hurray!  We're covered for a while!  And I only had one class (that I was late to, again).  But I got an 80 on that test!  Not bad for studying during the open part of the test!

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