Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One more day in my 20s

Tomorrow starts my first day in the 30s.  I've been "living it up" this month to end my 20s strong!  In all reality I've accomplished a lot in my 20s!  For instance,
I found my very own Mr. Right.

I got married.
I've had 5 kids

and gone to three colleges (BYU, JCCC, and now ESU).  (I will be graduating in my 30s, obviously.)
I have moved nine times.
I learned how to take pictures professionally at Target.  I got my CDL and drove a school bus for two years.  I have started to try and help our neighborhood park and we've raised $1000 so far!  I learned how to make awesome stuff and am now working on my very own logo and website.  I originally wanted to do a From the Heart thing, then changed it to The Creative Side of Things and now I'm liking "My Five Little Turkeys."  What do you think? 
I've gained a ton of weight plus 40 pounds, and lost a ton of weight.  (I still need to lose 40 pounds, if only ice cream wasn't so yummy and Braum's so close!) 
I've started biking regularly (everywhere but the other side of town).
I review for another blog (see sidebar button) and review books here.  I LOVE getting free things and letting others know what I think, so they save their time! 
So, yeah, a lot for a ten year span and I am proud!  Tired, but proud!

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