Sunday, March 10, 2013

A whole week of school!

Well, there was a full week of school this week again!  We had gotten spoiled by all of the snow days, so it was nice to get back into the same routine all week.  I had the opportunity to go to Emporia two days in a row.  I went to the Career Fair and did a screening interview with a nearby school district, as well as put out my resume (that I finished at about midnight the night before).  I came home a little early after my Emporia errands (stocking up on Braum's ice cream...) and got to spend a little time with my kiddos.  They were pretty excited!  I love Josh's face when I walk in!  He has such a sweet smile!  Then Thursday I made up for my little break by going to Emporia for some graduation info, then driving straight back to Olathe for Kindergarten Roundup at my school.  I spent the next six hours working with the Kindergarten teachers to talk to kiddos and see how much they already know.  We had some kids that were cracking us up!  I love little kids!  Then back to a regular Friday.  Phew!  Yesterday I did a little photo session with my kiddos and then cleaned the boys' room and started on the girls' room.  We threw out a ton of stuff and got our Living Room almost ready for the furniture my parents are giving us from their family room!  I'm hoping to deep clean over Spring Break in a week, so I'm cleaning this week in preparation.  That way we can (maybe) do something fun during Spring Break.

 In one of his hats he wore as a Newborn.  Hilarious!

 Emma signing bird as she sits in a bird nest!

 Cecilia was super cranky without her blanket.
 Look at that face!
 Ben informed me he looked better with just a little smile.  Okay.
Ben LOVES his little brother and Josh LOVES him right back!  No matter what is going on if Josh hears his dad or Ben, he looks for them!

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