Sunday, March 3, 2013

I love reviewing things!

 Our second set of snow days
 Cecilia was so excited to go outside, but did not like the mittens.  She didn't stay out long.

 Scott stayed out a long time working on the igloo!

 Sweet sleeping baby

 The girls' new butterflies on their wall.
 My creative thing for this week.  I stamped my kiddos' names on this necklace.  I'm not very good yet, but I'm getting better!  I also made a couple of bed pockets, but no pictures taken yet.

 I love, love, love Dezign with a Z!  They sent me the butterflies (not the yellow one) and this super cute owl decal to review!  Super cute!  As are my kiddos!
 Look at him all standing like a big boy!  I stood him up, but he stayed up on his own for awhile!
The two of us.

So, yeah.  Crazy times here!  I keep hoping to get things done.  It's not working out as planned, so I'm going to actually make a schedule.  And try to keep to it.  GASP!!!  I desperately need to lose weight, get more sleep and actually do homework on time.  Here goes!

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