Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Leah!

My Leah was born four years ago today!  I can't say that it feels like a blink of an eye, but it has gone by quickly.  Here are some fun memories!  Maybe I'll add comments under all of them when I'm not falling sleep at the computer.
When Leah played Baby Jesus
She LOVED her Elmo toy!

"helping" cook

Riding a horse for the first time
In front of our old house
In the snow

Scott and our girls.  Silly Leah.

Happy Birthday to Leah

At Nursery.  I love the pigtails!
Her first birthday
When she found my bridal bouquet.  I'm glad I took pictures, since it was destroyed after that.

St Louis Zoo
Covered in Peanut butter, which she still loves.  She asked for Peanut butter and Jelly (and fluff) for her birthday dinner!
Kissing a ladybug
Me and Leah
With her grandpa's tombstone.
With her daddy
I love this shirt!

She's 1!
Her first birthday cake.  I went all out.  She didn't care.  It's all good!
This face cracks me up!
I loved this outfit!

She actually took her first steps as I took the picture!
Look at that smile!
Guitar Hero!
Sting Rays
She's so much bigger than her cousin that's the same age!

She still loves green!

At the Water Park

She's a super messy eater!
Enjoying the sunshine!
The first time she did the signs for Itsy Bitsy Spider!

At Emporia State
Sleeping with her daddy.  Which she still does.
Playing basketball with her dad and Papaw
She loves her yogurt
She has had the perfect pencil grip since she was 9 months old.
With her Big Ma and cousin that's six months younger.
Trying to get a clean faced picture of this kiddo is difficult.
Such a cute look
Before she had hair!
At the KC Zoo.
Leah doing gr mamaws hair 30 Dec 12 -1-.JPG
Doing her Mamaw's hair.  Mamaw is who I named Leah after.  Her name is Lois Elouise Anders Howard, so Leah!
March 29th 2009 download -100-.JPG
In her blessing dress that I found in a thrift store for $1!  She makes the funniest faces!
Oh so sweet!
Leah 33.JPG
She had her velcro tabs for her little "sunglasses" for being under the lights.
Leahs First Bus Ride -1-.JPG
On her first bus ride
Leah in pink at 2 weeks old.jpg
Awesome picture that Holly Roselund took for me.  I felt so bad for her, because she wanted the cutesy sleeping baby pictures, and Leah only wanted to be awake.

Lots of fun memories!

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